Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Peppermint Socks and Progress

Look, look! It's a sense of completion!

I told you I finished knitting those Peppermint socks during my Christmas Tree time.

The stats:
  • Knitpick Felici in Cheer
  • Cast on 60
    US 1.5
    2x2 rib
  • Slip stich heel
The Assessment: A little snug in width. I think I might need to increase my cast on, but for how much is my question. hmm. I do not think it's a good idea to go up a needle size though, I will lose the gauge and it will be too loose.

Meanwhile back at the boringtown ranch, I have had a few old FOs I dug up that require weaving in. I won't show them to you because they are old and I'm irritated with them for making me feel obligated to move them OUT. However they are finding homes and that is good right? My scrap blanket will go to a young gentleman who really enjoys lounging. His mother tells me his favorite present this year was a bathrobe. I think this will be a welcome addition to his lounging attire and video gaming.

I found some yarn that was supposed to be for another scrap blanket that I abandoned (last winter?) while poking around over the holiday break. Damnit. I'm going to have to work on that now too. Ellen's bedroom where abandoned knits go to increase levels of crafting guilt.

I can't talk new socks right now. Though what I really want to talk about is new socks. I can't talk to you about new socks on the needles, because there aren't any. There are a few that have been put on time out and that's okay they aren't new.

So, I'll talk to you about my bulky cardigan that is slowly coming to life. I'm enjoying this bulky progress (kind of like my personal bulk enjoyed having the enormous amounts of indulgent food in the apartment for 2 weeks) I finished "the hood" and have started a sleeve. I'm trying to stay awake enough at night so I do not screw up the shaping. So that leaves 1.5 sleeves and some snappy ribbed edging and the dreaded weave-in left (thank goodness it's seamless).

My dream is to have this thing done by next week Monday night. Knit Club. Those ladies apparently like me for my ability to share an appetizer or dessert and a few laughs, but who are we kidding, I want to bring in an FO.

* Random Note: The fridge is kinda normal now. I'm trying to eat healthier, but let me tell you tunafish on rice crackers ain't got nothin' on peanut butter M&Ms and scalloped potatoes. I think scalloped potatoes are my new mashed potatoes which is like saying hey I might think I might get another husband, not a NEW husband, but ANOTHER one.  Ha!


  1. Socks look great - and I'm with you on the potatoes and husband thing!

  2. I love those socks!

    This post made me laugh ... because I know only too well what you mean!

  3. Okay I had the BEST scalloped potatoes at Bonefish Grill a few weeks ago, seriously who needs fish and a veggie, just give a big plate of those to eat. I am trying to not eat bad,but not putting myself on too many restrictions. As for FO's I don't have any. I had better get moving on my Lady Kina sweater before Kathy B puts me to shame with her progress.

  4. Hoorah! These are wonderful. You must flash these around while wearing them. Ack! You've reminded me how I must work on my bulky, crochet project.

  5. Peppermint socks - they are yummy!

    Try a size 2 needle and a 56 st count as an experiment - gift them if they don't fit.

  6. Too funny....we all seem to be drowning in our projects these days. As for scalloped potatoes-they are the best. I made them at Thanksgiving and they went fast.

  7. Love those socks! Nice finish.

  8. Those socks are ADORABLE!

    My go to size is 64 stitches on size 1-1/2 needles. Going up 4 stitches shouldn't mess you up.

  9. Hey, we all need another husband now and again. Who's to say it's wrong? Not me!

  10. great socks!!!!! good luck on the next Monday-thing!!! (I personally HATE deadlines....but, hey! they work!!!!!!)

  11. Those socks are fantastic!!! My normal cast on for socks is 64. Maybe those extra 4 stitches will help with the snugness? Then again, Knit Picks does tend to "grow" or stretch a bit after washes and wearing.
    PB M&Ms are on the top of my list of favorite things in the world. How could anything compare?

  12. First, LOVE the socks! They take me back to the Christmas holidays in a flash! I wouldn't go up a needle size, you may just need to add a couple extra stitches. Second, I can't help chuckling over the young man who likes to lounge. Third, go go go...you can finish that sweater up. Mmmmm pb m&ms!

  13. Those socks are SO darling. I always cast on 64 and use 1 or 1.5 needles. That seems to work for both myself and gifts.
    I'm working on the healthy eating thing, too. So much for baking cookies!

  14. Nice socks! I do 64 sts on US 1 at 8-9 sts per inch for Women's US 8-8.5 show size. I typically find Felici I get more around 9 sts per inch, it seems thinner than other yarns, but one of my favs (and they discontinued it WHY?!?!?!?!?)

  15. Yay for finishing the socks! They look wonderfully cheerful. I bought some Felici a few months ago and one day hope to turn them into a pair of happy socks like yours. Good luck with the bulky cardigan and the other husband ;)

  16. love your socks and their name :) Perfect!!