Friday, January 16, 2015

The Friday whatnot waiting on Sunday

Alright, I need to simmer down. I have a strong desire to spit some serious first world problems at you.

I really need to get over myself is what I'm trying to say ...

Ha! You think you're off that easy? No way. I'm going to complain but I'm also going to tell you about some pretty awesome things in my life.

Let's start with the knit club. The bulky sweater was not finished in time for Knit Club night, but look at that crew! Lots of laughter and a teeny weenie knitter in training as well ...

And for reals, this IS the weekend my friend. The final final for that damn sweater. 

I had dinner on Wednesday with people that have all worked together at some point or worked for the same place. We had a Hakka Chinese feast. Then we went for some boba desserts, or as we were referring to them, Buckets of Boba.

That's the good stuff, that and a lovely dinner at home with my family where they explained to me the way the world works.

Also I returned some, "what was I thinking?" clothes. Also known as "Almost but not quite worth the money, honey." clothes.

On the less fabulous hand ...

I pulled out an ankle sock I was working on, because I wasn't convinced it was "right". It was dark. It was late. I haven't exercised.

Oh yeah, and I haven't exercised formally since Sunday and apparently this is not a good thing for me. I'm literally twitchy now. Twitchy in a way that makes you pull out ankle socks that were probably just fine ...

I went to get supplies for my friend's Gatsby Necklace I wanted to make.
  • The brick and mortar didn't have the yarn.
  • The Webs is out of stock of the color I want. Wait everywhere is out of stock of the color I want.
  • I'm baffled about purchasing seed beads.
  • This is going to require more effort before I even get started than I realized. Le sigh.
I tried to send a knitting friend a mini care package. I don't know what happened, if the site was mad at Paypal or if Paypal was mad at the site or if everyone was mad at my browser settings. Regardless, it took a first attempt, 1 cancellation, 1 phone call to the 800 number, 1 unable to cancel order email from them, 1 uptight knitter email regarding the status of my order. Then as SOON as I sent the email I got the 2nd cancellation confirmation... oops said the angry knitter.

After all that, I'm still going to have to go out in the real world and go to the real post office with a lot of other real cranky people. Damn. Next week I will conquer all.

And I will exercise on Sunday. My sister is about to pass me on our Fitbit leader board. We can't have that. Remember I'm the older sister. There is rank and order that has to be maintained ;)

And I'll re-cast on some ankle socks.

And there is Manchester City soccer on Sunday at a reasonable hour on a channel I get. Sunday. Things will be right by then.


  1. Hugs...hugs....hugs.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Oh Ellen, it all sounds so frustrating. I had a bit of a week of it all too, but it's over now, onwards and upwards. I have very high hopes for this week. I'm thinking maybe a little exercise would help here too though. Unfortunately Man City are playing Arsenal on Sunday, so they will lose. I'm really sorry, but I do hope you have a good week anyway. CJ xx

  3. Found you whilst bloghopping. Very very funny narrative, I love it. Your brain sounds just like mine. "Next week I will conquer all" lol that is exactly me.

    Have a great weekend, Jillxo

  4. You made me laugh even thought that isn't very nice as you are frustrated. I have weeks like that when nothing seems to fit into the right shape, the puzzle doesn't' get completed if you know what I mean. Wishing you a relaxing weekend, but not of course during our exercising.

  5. While the situation is not funny, you made me laugh. :) Sorry to hear that the angry knitter had to come out.
    Cheers to a better and calmer weekend!

  6. Some days (yes, even WEEKS) are like that! I've written my own cranky emails only to find an earlier reply from the company in my Spam folder. Yep, I've been there. ;o)

  7. It just feels better when you get it all out :) You have a damn sweater, I have a damn we will both knit on!!!! happy weekending my friend ~ xo

  8. LOL, sorry I just have to laugh. Whine away dear, we have all been there and know how you are feeling. I avoid the PO because the postman is the cranky one!! So I drive 20 minutes out of my way to go to one of the other locations in the city. And all the other post offices have heard how bad he is, but no one fires him. SMH. Hold on, Sunday's coming!!!

  9. First world problems. I feel ya on that. Go ahead and spew. Venting is catharsis. Package mail I only trust FedEx. I pay that extra because I know it delivers.

  10. There there my pal Ellen. We can look forward to a new week.....
    a better week. I bought myself some tulips....they are quite the picker upper after my fender bender

  11. Whew, I got tired just reading that! What's baffling about purchasing seed beads (I might be able to help)?

  12. Sunday makes everything better! It clears away the cobwebs and sets the world right for a great week. We will all hope for a better week and a solution to any challenges you may face. Go get that sock Ellen!!