Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I love

I'm joining Carole and Kathy B. today and going with the 10 on Tuesday. Things I love. I will bypass the family and friends and you lovely lot, because it's too easy...

1. PBS mysteries + Knitting. Throw in a mug of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and I might be crying on the inside a little bit, for the sheer contentment of it all.

2. Compliments on my Kid or my cooking/baking. Can't lie. I'm a total slut for validation. Say that my child is doing well and I will beam for you. Tell me that the cake or dish was tasty and I might question you twice, because it has taken me a long time to feel comfortable in the kitchen and not worry I might kill someone.

3. Finishing a project. Work or recreation. I love to put it to bed.  I love to draw a line through it.

4. Throwing things out or donating them to a local charity. I like to move things out of the apartment. What I don't like is the process, the time. That's time I could be hanging out with the family (who are probably ignoring me) or excercising, or knitting or trying a recipe ... and this is why I live in a world of clutter.

5. I love witnessing the kindness of others (not towards me). I love to see a teenage get up for an older person on the bus. I love to see someone offer to help someone else. I love hearing someone tell someone else they appreciate them. It reaffirms my faith in humanity. It makes me feel hopeful.

6. Salty or crunchy snacks. Things that make your blood pressure go hmm ... french fries, chips, popcorn, crackers with tunafish, but not really hard pretzels - go figure. I go through phases with Cheezits and Goldfish aka the toddler life support snacks. hehe.

7. A savory breakfast. Fried rice, soup, toast with cheese and a coldcut. Sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs in herb butter or with green onions, hashbrowns. Not home fries, hash browns. Not all together, you know, just these are the things that make me swoon.

8. Exercise or is it endorphins? Because I like cardio and dance, but I like the way I feel after the run more than the run. I like hip hop class, but I really like zumba for that crazy heart rate. I have been known to go to 2 classes in a day if I have the leisure. I miss swimming. Maybe one day again? Easier on the joints.

9. Tide Sport with Febreeze yeah, I know theres a lot of licensing in that bottle but I like it. I do that stupid commercial sniff sniff when I pour it and when I put on my clothes, I like it so much. I get weird looks from the Manfriend.

10. Lip balm. I'm not a brand loyalist. If it keeps the chaps away and doesn't taste sour and stinky, I'm happy. Oh, but I don't like the pots of balm. I like it in a stick or tube. No touchy touchy greasy fingers. eww.

And that is my off the cuff list. What about you?


  1. what a great list!!! (and a peek into your personality!!!.....love the quirkiness....Tide with Febreeze, huh?!!!!!)

  2. I would have to agree with several of your choices ... and now I want fried rice and soup for breakfast tomorrow.

  3. Ahhhh PBS mysteries. I loved Inspector Lewis and watched all of them again and again.

    Lip balm--I can't live without it. I also like the tubes, mostly just ChapStick. I always have one in my pocket and apply it frequently.

    Great list!

  4. In response to your comment on my blog ... yes, Shelby IS as soft and fluffy as she looks. AND, she can purr up a storm! LOL

    Sadly, she went back home to her real family today. I always miss her for a few days after she leaves.

    #4 -- isn't that just the best feeling. I love when I put something out on my curb and it's gone before the trash guy comes. I like knowing someone can put my old furniture, grill or mower to good use, even if it's just to recycle the metal or take the usable parts.

    I agree with #10 --- I got a freebie lip balm at a business fair. It's pomagranite flavor and I love it. I love it MORE that it was a freebie. AND, no sticky fingers!

  5. I have a secret obsession with Palmolive dish soap-the original green one. It makes me ridiculously happy.

  6. Oh yes, lip balm, salty snacks and knitting with tv, wonderful. I haven't got to running yet. I will, I will, it is something I want to do, I'd love the energy and the great feeling you get. Must get to it. CJ xx

  7. I could have written your list! For chapped lips I use plain Vaseline in a tube. It's the best stuff! Salty snacks are by far my favorite; add crunch, and I'm in heaven.

  8. We have a lot in common, but you knew that. I love salty crunchy over sweet. Random Acts of Kindness are every where if you look.

  9. I really like your list - there are a lot of things I would have listed there as well (if I'd been paying attention ...)

  10. LOVE your well thought out list. IT says so much about you. We differ on one main point: Workouts. I have to change my attitude about them. UGh.
    I love when my cooking is complimented toO!

  11. Best top ten I've read in awhile! Would heavily agree with #5, 6 & 7. Wish I did more of #8. And as for my cooking, I live by the mantra: do no harm. Compliments would be just extra icing on the cake :)

  12. I am with you with the kindness and the lip balm. Oh and I have to stay away from chips, especially sour cream and onion.

  13. I like how you keep it simple. I am with you on #2-#7. I love getting rid of things, something I need to get my lazy ass going on after Chinese New Year starts. Hell yeah I love me some good snackity snacks! Chips and sweets in general are my downfall. I love seeing kindness toward others and I practice that myself when I can. Don't think I'm an angel though. I just checked of a belated, fiber gift today! Closure on that. Next!