Friday, February 6, 2015

This weekend: Bringing in the fresh starts

Last night as I began the end of evening kitchen fussing. The dusty curtains in the kitchen blew into a nice billow over the table. It was as if the night sky decided to sigh into our little apartment, giving a little kick to the striped fabric on it's way out the living room window.

Living room. It hasn't been too lively in there. Lots of sort of woe is me lying about. Coughing, napping, sputtering, tissues strewn about. The whole household has been hit within a staggered week and a half. I think of you lovely people with multiple people, children, siblings, parents and cannot imagine how you guys handle an "outbreak" in your homes. One of us wants to be cuddled quite a bit, the other wants to be left alone like a wounded animal and might snap at you if you don't bring the tea fast enough (that would be me) and the other becomes narcoleptic, and WOW with the snoring. My relationship with my husband goes back to when we were young and dumb, but wow, we have never had to weather this kind of snoring before, tough times ;)

this is also when you know it's not just a relationship of convenience but perhaps love, ha!

I've watched the vacancies in the cubicles at work move it's way down through our department like one of those pandemic charts you find in The Economist. shudder.

But this fresh breeze has blown through. We seem over the worst of it. The rains have begun (finally) again and we're all hoping for some more renewal and rejuvenation.

Just like my knitting. Here's the report in brief:

I have been obsessive about untangling this yarn in my free healthy time. I had to cut the purple yarn and it still took me days of sorting and balling. The yarn had pilled so much it fused together in places. I used my embroidery scissors to try and clean some of the little fiber balls off, and whoops! I cut really close to the stitches on the needles. But now I have 2 balls of yarn ready for the next stage and I backed out the last row, so I have a proper tail to join and start up again. It's just waiting for some quality time :)

Fresh starts.

I think I might've fallen asleep working on my pipsqueaks so I may not have counted my rows properly, but I will pick these up again this weekend. I am not to concerned, but I would love it to be exactly the same for both socks.

And then there's this:

I wanted to knit a warm hat for Little Harrigan, so cute ... and pretty bald. Alas, as I started to get concerned about how much yarn I had left, I realize that I was knitting the TEEN size and not the Toddler. Ha! It wouldn't be such a loss if I had enough yarn to finish the teen size ... but I don't.

Back to the drawing board.

Fresh starts.

It's happening this weekend. Maybe a little baking, definitely as much exercise as I can get.  Some salad eating inspired by Karen. Maybe a weekend post. The sweater remains in time out!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Stay healthy, knit strong :)


  1. The Mister has had a terrible head cold this week and it's been wonderful-for me. He's been sleeping until noon. I can get so much more done while he's snoring away. It's sounds terrible but I have really enjoyed this little vacation from the ordinary,

  2. Sorry the flu has taken over your household! Damn bugs. I'm happy to read you can still knit and have a sense of humor about it all. Get well soon, love.

  3. Hope everyone is tip top and back to feeling better!!!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I had a cold two weeks ago and most everything is fine except I still have a hacking cough that pops up a couple of times every day. UGH!

    I wish it would just go AWAY already!

  5. Sorry you've all been ill, I'm glad you've turned the corner, I hope you're all better soon. Glad you've got that yarn back under control. I finished knitting a scarf with some of the silk you sent last night, it feels absolutely lovely, I'll be wearing it later. Now I have to decide what to make next, a happy moment! Wishing you a good weekend Ellen with lots of content knitting moments. CJ xx

  6. Thankfully, I've managed to avoid the crud that's going around.

    I hope your fresh starts result in fresh endings.

  7. Well the teen sized hat is perfection ..your stitches are so even and lovely!
    I was happy to leave my head cold behind and go to Florida. I was so consumed with not letting Fireman catch it for vacation....I holed up in Allison's bedroom for 3 days . Serisouly. I quarantined myself. When I did venture outside the humidified room, i wiped every surface I touched .
    Fireman delivered soup to the door ......
    WE succeeded. he did NOT get the cold. I was pretty much over it as I boarded the plane. SUCCESS.
    But it was a supreme effort on my part!

  8. feel better!!! my I hate when the bug goes through the house. Love the knitting and I hope when your rejigger the pattern it will be perfect!

  9. Oooo it's really hard when the whole household gets sick. I am one of 6 children and I don't know how my mother handled it when we all got sick. I am happy to hear that things seem to be a bit better. Yay for you for working out the yarn fiasco. That takes patience. Love the little blue hat too!

  10. I hope you are feeling better and the virus is moving out of both your house and work!

  11. Happy to hear that you all are on the mend. We have been lucky so far this year, knock on wood. I know what you mean about the dreaded snoring. I make mine sleep with the breathe right strips on when he gets a cold. Works like a charm! Hope that you get a chance to sit down & relax with your knitting soon.