Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pip Pip Hooray!

This feels good. The knitting for 2015 started off a little rough. However these Pip Squeaks have just redeemed my knitting mojo.

I don't have a modeled shot but I'm not shy of saying, they are cute and comfortable and I'm pleased with them.

cuff folded down
In fact my household is probably kinda sick  hearing me say how happy these socks make me. I like to wear them when I watch t.v. in my knitting chair and yep, you guessed it, knit!

cuff up
I admit turning them inside out to do the cuff sort of threw me off (learning something new is cool, kids!) but I think I did it right, and where I think I messed up a little bit, I fixed it so I don't think anyone could notice. I really can't. (It's where I started and stopped the round changed a wee bit on sock #2)

And though I've still some unfinished early 2015 business on the needles...

I needed more sock love ...  so I grabbed this in one of the sock bags by the bed, waiting, begging to be paid attention to.

Whats making your knitting happy?


  1. I have no socks on the needles right now. What is making me happy is looking through the stash to find my next project.

    It *could* be some very special Zauberball that traveled so far to get here. :::wink:::

  2. My knitting has stalled since I began working on the Quilts of Valor. I have a pair of socks, two cowls, and a baby blanket on the needles.

    Love the neon pink yarn!

  3. Hoorah! I like those different cuffs on your Pips. And boy that neon is terrific and would go with my casual Nike's.

  4. Those Pips are adorable. I am so ready for cute socks instead of the giant woolly ones I've had to wear because of the cold. That pink is making me want to do a happy dance. I'd have to go buy some Crocs to match it.

  5. Ohh those anklets are just wonderful. Ellen that hot pink yarn is to dye for, pun intended. Have you seen those clogs that are clear that show off your socks?
    I'm knit happy over a pattern I can follow with a big old 4 row repeat!!

  6. I fear your giftie is lost somewheres..... I'll give it one more day

  7. Your socks are the cutest things I've seen in a while!! I love the little ruffled cuff. And then--that HOT pink, wow! I can't wait to see those finished. I have recently found that I am happy when knitting sweaters. I love the pullover I am knitting now and looking forward to wearing it. It also makes me happy to read lovely knitting blogs like yours!

  8. Your Pips turned out great!! My original pair just recently bit the dust.. I need to make a new pair!

    Just finding time to knit makes me happy - it's been crazy since I got back from Chicago and I barely have time!

  9. Your Pips turned out really cute and just perfect for CA wear. Love that bright pink, too. What pattern are you using? I'm working on some socks and also mitts, all WIPs that need to be DONE!

  10. Cute pips! But oh my, they will see you coming with the next pair!

  11. beautiful socks :) Any knit makes me happy as long as my fingers are busy!

  12. great looking ankle socks....and that neon!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  13. Yay for Pip socks! They are wonderful, Ellen!
    Now that brilliant neon yarn would be calling to me as well. Enjoy your knitting.

  14. Well they would make me happy, too! I can't believe anyone would get sick of hearing about them.