Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Post: The Knit Version

Yes, you all guessed correctly. I made my way for the first time to England.

We went to see our friends Mrs. B and family. Our sons are very good friends (like us) and Mr. B. is just the best. Actually, I pretty much adore all of Mrs. B's family and managed to see her 2 sisters and Mom as well! But I'll get to that bit in a later post.

I was going through my zillion of iPhone photos and thought I would put together a post that sort of depicts how my love of knitting was captured during my holiday.

Saturday, Mrs. B. secured tickets to the Harry Potter Experience/Studio Tour. I know many of you are big fans like me and The Kid. This experience will not disappoint. This was the beginning of my knitting pics. I am not sharing anymore pics of this place, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone. I know there are pictures out there, and I do believe whether you go next week or in 10 years it will still be magic for you, but the more you get to experience on your own ... the more special I think it will be. (am I just being a dork?)

 I wanted to start with Neville Longbottom's infamous Fair Isle sweater, but I can't find it right now, drat! But ah, Ron's Weasley garter patch quilt! It inspires scrap knitters everywhere!

A little blurry, but you can see how some of the squares are color blocks in themselves.

This activated the Mrs. Weasley's magic knitting needles
Magic needles in motion
Sunday we went to the British Museum and walked around town and saw lots of sites. Shaun the Sheep has a movie out, and there are a number of Shaun's throughout town decorated in various themes that are being used to raise funds for charity.
I can't remember but I think this was a Cath Kidston
Next up on Monday was The London Tower. I thought this place was fantastic. So much history! It still has soldiers residing here while it's open to the public. The gentlemen below were part of some reenactment entertainment. Before their performance, they were talking with us sort of explaining their roles in history. I think they were a little thrown off when I was taking snaps of their socks.

It's a baby roll brim chunky knit hat on a soldier! It almost looks like a helmet, non?

Knit socks in orange
Tuesday we made our way to the Churchill War Rooms. I was pretty excited about seeing some underground top secret working head quarters. Notice the yarn in the map supply box. It was used to pin lines on the maps.

What? It's a yarn reference in Churchill's War Rooms!

War time projects: He cleans his gun and why of course, she knits ...
"Herbert, stop humming, I'm counting stitches!"

I couldn't tell what it is, sorry my picture is not better, but I'm going with a sock.
There were even knits in the gift shop ...
Replica WWII Watch cap ... for non knitters

Matching War Era scarves

Scarf detail in gray
After the War Rooms a walk along the South Bank allowed us a quick run into a book store to pick a book up for The Kid. He's devouring books by this author. I ran into some crochet rainbow bunnies, just in time for Easter. Cute and inspiring for you stuffie makers.

Rainbows + Egg Shaped Bunnies = Smiles

My friends were laughing at me for pointing out knitted and yarny things everywhere. Everything from people's knit caps to their cabled cardigans and baby blankets on the underground. But that is what us knitters do. I didn't go to any yarn shops, there wasn't time and really, it wasn't that kind of trip. But you see, my eyes were open. I hope you have all been enjoying the yarn home and/or out and about.

Wishing you all well!


  1. I loved your knitterly view of your trip! Great fun; Glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. Ellen! Cheerio! SO glad you broke your duck and flew across the Pond!
    Love the knitting wrap up. The chunky brim hat on the solider is perfection!
    Wow, you kept that trip under wraps. What fun! You will all remember that one for a long time! Tea? crumpets???? Im sure you'e got some foodie pictures for us to enjoy too!

  3. I agree, I notice knits everywhere! Wonderful holiday! I did note, 1) it appears that Mrs. Weasley's Magic Knitting Needles are working on a Crochet blanket?!?! And 2) as he cleans his gun, it is pointed at his wife's face ... hhmm. Love the bunny eggs!!! And you reminded me ... I was going to knit a Shaun the Sheep.

  4. What a fabulous experience! Now I want to knit some orange socks.

  5. what a fun tour! (I did that war room tour and totally missed the knitter?!? how did that happen?)

  6. What an awesome experience! It's so cool how knitting was an important part of history. You found many knitty things.

  7. Fabulous post and photos of all the fiber goodness!

  8. Looks like so much fun - and seeing the knitted things is just an extra bonus! Thanks for the mini visit.

  9. wow what fun so glad that you went there!!

  10. How brilliant! I am very envious and at the same time happy for you and this England trip.
    Everything is wonderful- of course the Harry Potter items are the best. :) Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. London via wool, I love it. Glad you had such a good time, I'm very impressed with the amount of yarny things you found. CJ xx

  12. Oh wow!! It sounds like a wonderful trip. I was fascinated by your yarny travels but when you got to Shaun The Sheep you had me! I LOVE Shaun The Sheep (and Wallace and Gromit too).

  13. London is a great place to visit! I loved the Tower of London. You can practically feel all the people who've been imprisoned there.
    And it is so much fun to do wool-spotting!

  14. I love to see things through your knitting eyes, just imagine if all of us yarn lovers went on vacation together! Shaun the sheep is very cute.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Bet you had lots of knitting time on the plane, too. We loved the British Museum....all that history in one place, wow!

  16. Thank you for sharing your delightful trip to London through a knitter's eyes! I love that Cath Kidson sheep. Visiting the Tower was one of my favorite things to do in London. I need to plan another visit soon so that I can take in the Harry Potter Experience. Looks absolutely amazing!