Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unicorn Parade: Wandering Cat is a Winner!!

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Well, well, well! The random number generator pulled a #9 which is our lady, Wandering Cat! Image borrowed shamelessly from her blog.

The Unicorn Parade is yours! And you also get to lord the title, "Winner" over all your friends and family for the whole week or as long as you like!

So remember when the job gets you down, or the cats have an accident or some arse cuts you off in traffic. You just tuck that middle finger salute away and think, "It's okay, because I'm a winner, and Ellen is throwing a Unicorn parade my way."

Tada! Instant Gratification!

If you haven't visited Wandering Cat's blog, you really *should. She's a solid good time of amazing knitting and designing. She has a fantastic green thumb which is really impressive to the black one I have. Her cats are gorgeous. Every time she posts a picture of Rocky, I kinda wanna bury my face in him, virtually. Oh and she has a fantastic summer dress collection and understands the value and importance of a good cardigan as part of one's life uniform. (I have a well documented cardigan problem.)

*Don't be scared, I'm not stalking!

Thank you to everyone who came by to visit and left a comment telling us what was making their summer magical,


  1. Good for her! So nice of you yo do a giveaway!

  2. Than you very much! I will have to think of something special for it!

  3. LOL, you so totally are a stalker!!!! But a nice one.

  4. Happy Happy winner !!!! She will knit up something fun with that skein. Thanks for a chance and a fun contest Ellen. I love Wandering Cat's knitting skills and her ability to do a great photo shoot of her knits!!!!!