Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday Whatknot:

I went to smell the Ocean on Monday morning with my people (I think I mentioned I'm working a 9/80 schedule now). We drove out to the Legion of Honor (where I have threatened to take them back for some more "culture") and walked a loop of Land's End exploring a path or two down to the ruins of the Sutro Baths and bits of beach.

Then after a Dr. appointment out in the East Bay that went well, we all enjoyed some ice cream treats.

Ever seen the Pixar movie Up? (It's a tissue box event if I may say) This is the ice cream shop featured at the end, Fenton's.

My world of knitting has been 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. No, you read that right. it's called cast on and rip out and ... repeat for more than one project.

Laceweight and Mohair. ugh. "What are yarns that make Ellen insane for $800, Alex ..." 

Soon this knitting thing will be under control again.

I just want to get a few things ... going. Everything seems so slow. All these bags of yarn going no-where fast. I feel like I'm constantly rearranging things. I'm unhappy with my tension or I can't find my stitch markers. How can I never find any stitch markers or row counters when I should have like 3,000 by now?!? How come I don't have a US1 circular needle? Not a US 1.5 but a 1. Not dpns, but a circular. Why am I using an index card with hash marks to track my rows and rounds instead of a real row counter. Where does my stuff go? Ugh. The disorganization.

And burn goes my stare to anyone who lives in my homestead that dares make commentary on my storage methods. Just don't. I love you, but don't because it's MY STUFF. My stuff does stuff. I don't have a lot of time to do the stuff I want but it's my stuff. It makes stuff, and the most important thing it makes? It makes me happy.

So pfft!


  1. I get hungry for the ocean, too. I'm glad you had a good visit! As for the knitting, sometimes it goes like that; it's like family-we still love it!

  2. Ah.....the ocean. I've had a longing for some sea air also. Bay breezes are not the same.
    I saw Up, when Dad was going through the worst of his breakdown after losing Mom. Such a beautiful movie about such a difficult time of life. I bawled my eyes out.
    I had to laugh about your storage issues. You should see my house. The Mister had a former co-worker come by and hearing him try to explain this giant mess I have going on (TdF, soaping plus just the usual house full of wip's). I had to hide in the bedroom in shame. I really have to get organized.

  3. Well you told them! LOL. The worsted you have? If it's superwash I can use it, if not, it won't work. No sure of the care the hats will get. But then again, I can do felted hats with them.

  4. LOL It's the never ending battle ----- finding good storage for our STUFF!!! You have inspired me to organize MY stuff. Welllll, maybe just a little.

  5. Hopefully you've solved your storage challenge, and I'm not a huge fan of mohair....I love silk wool blends the bestest.

  6. Hi Sassy Girl! Good that you vent to us. We listen we care. May the knit faeries change rotations soon and the Producer Fairies come to your aid.

  7. "My stuff does stuff." I love that, and with your permission will use it often. ;o)

    If you find a way to organize stitch markers, etc., PLEASE share it with me! I am constantly searching.

    Oh my, those ice cream treats look tasty.

  8. No wonder you're kickin' my a** on Fitbit. Land's End is a great place to walk. The views can be amazing and what a good workout, especially going down those Seal Rock Beach (Did I get that right?) steps and up. Oooh! I wanna go there for ice cream! It looks fun and yummy. Your boy is handsome. How'd he like his first year of middle school? As for knitting notions, my notions bag is MIA since we moved. I had to buy new stitch markers for my nephew's sweater. Yeah, I hate it when my ohana moves my sh*t. Mama Tiger's claws come out.

  9. Oh Ellen we are kindred spirits. I have perfected the art of row counting (1. 2, 3, 4) because I can't put my hands on one of the many, many row counters I own. I learned long ago that lace weight yarn and mohair were invented by an evil and ever-so-slightly mad scientist for the purpose of bringing me to my knees. I've tried not to let them beat me but they always win.

  10. I need to go smell the ocean, well the Gulf of Mexico and I can't seem to ever get there. My husband has recently tossed out a tea pot of MINE and some bath salts I use in the shower on a rare occasion. I tell him all the time, tend to your own things do not touch mine. I sometimes feel like I am dealing with a five year old. He says to me I never see you use them, well really that is not your business and I do have a life when you are not here!

  11. oh, I love this post!!! I totally 'get' the time I get all the 'stuff' gathered for the project, I've lost the excitement of the cast on. And don't mess with my stuff, either....although, I'm usually just telling that to the dog and he ignores me exactly the same way my kids used to. Where did I go wrong? (and it DOES all make me happy, too. so there.)

  12. Ellen

    I can your son is not THRILLED with you taking his photos. OMG he's so cute. My son still will not settle for photos often. BUT he takes them all the time.