Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aging and Food Thoughts

Another birthday is a few days away. Everyone has been very celebratory around me. I am trying to take things on in the same way.

However I cannot help but taste the flavor of the back handed compliment.

I'm still rushed and sleepy at the same time. Supposedly I'm a little smarter however I'm moving at a slower speed, with more body mass.

But before I let you think I've gotten a case of Severe Cantankeritis, I can honestly tell you the first thing I thought of this morning was: I'm very thankful and happy with the nice and very funny people in my life.

But my brain ... it's just not sure what age it is or what age it is turning. Here is an example of thoughts on my nutritional intake that have been troubling me or just passing through ...
  • Why don't I eat more ginger?
  • I should eat more yogurt, since my digestive system is over taxed 2 out of 4 weeks a month.
  • Stay away from any cabbage or cabbage related vegetable (I'm lookin' at you Mr. Brussel Sprout) 24 hrs prior to a yoga class. You can put Mr. Cauliflower in that category too.
  • Truly define the ratio... Number of cherry seeds I accidentally inhale when meaning to spit ...
  • One should never eat so much noodle soup that you can hear it sloshing in your belly on the way to the Muni station.
  • Steamed milk in my lattes are part of my weekly calcium intake. Bones should not be as brittle as my attitude.
The power of my random is fierce. I wish we could channel it for good.

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