Monday, June 6, 2011

Nerdy McNerdFace in the Making.

Aww shucks. My Kid is home and he's been pretty darn cute. Pretty darn affectionate and ... he seems to like the camp I chose for him. It's nice that the summer is not starting off with the sadface.

Next week is a different camp, and ... no guarantees. I have that manage expectations awareness happening for myself -- no worries.

Yesterday he came home all excited and digging through his bins of Legos looking for the Ninjas. Him and his new partner a 4th grader (ooo) were going to make their stop motion film using Lego Ninjas. Well, he found half of the ones he was looking for.

I spent 2 hours looking through stuff, looking for the other ninjas, realizing what a disaster, and disorganized mess the whole house is.

We didn't find them. We lectured in treating your things like you value them.We encouraged him to have a back up plan. His father said, "things happen in the Arts!"

He would create his own "Dude" characters.

I was still stressed out that we couldn't find what we were looking for in our little apartment.

The Manfriend had made ribs and corn and baked potatoes for dinner with salad. I couldn't eat. The Kid was fine, he was beaming, he was chattering on his big project/video plans. When asked again if I wanted something to eat I said, "No. That totally stressed me out. I can't eat right now."

"Yeah, you're stressed out alright! Why don't you go sit in the corner and knit a little."


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