Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reading hella messes stuff up.

Again with the reading.

Again the reading totally got in the way of my knitting.

I've lost hours to Clash of the Kings. The second in the Game of Thrones series. This one isn't wooing me the way first did, however I have my favorite characters now. The chapters are based on characters, so often I will keep reading to get to the next chapter that features my favorite characters.

And then, toilets are not scrubbed, gray circles form under the eyes, and cans of soup seem sufficient for everyone's dinner.

There is not really shame in that.

The shame is that I still have not finished my blanket meanwhile my friend Bananas! finished a whole NEW sweater while my gift to Jodi languishes on the needles ...again.

Oh reading! Oh knitting! Don't fight! I love you both! I just have to work and be a Mom and take public transportation and stuff. NBD! See if you kids can find the winning lotto numbers and Momma will have time to love you all as number one children.


See you later!

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