Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knitting Strike

It's true, I have stopped knitting. It's been days. Maybe more than a week ...

Okay I admit I did a few academic rows of a cowl while waiting to be seated for dinner, and a few waiting for The Kid's tennis lessons to start, but other than that ... zip, zero deniro.

The muscles in my right forearm have been really achey, it's problematic actually as much as I'd like to deny it. (I really like to deny things) But this is not the reason I haven't been knitting.

I've become bored.

Maybe I will become the lady who picks up scrapbooking or gardening? Probably not, baking and quilting are more likely choices, except I don't have the attention span for it.

Just like I don't have the attention span for my in progress projects.

This has never stopped me before, because like a good flippant, fickle beast I would just cast something else interesting on. However I am pre-emptively talking myself down.

I should do that sweater, I've been talking about that sweater ... but I have yarn for the other sweater in stash. Ah yes, but that is going to take effort and math and ... never mind, what about that blanket? Holy Hot Chocolate, not another blanket. What about knitting "the log"? Ugh, I have to track down that yarn. TRACK it down. Sounds exhausting.

You'd think this would help me curb those yarn shopping impulses. Not really, I just tell myself to delete the emails those devil yarn people keep sending me. "Oooo Fall colors!" No damnit! It's not even REAL summer time here in the Bay Area. I can still hoard (I mean stash) if I don't feel like knitting.

I'm not. It's okay. You don't have to intervene yet ...

I am just bored. I need a jump start. I need to be liberated from the tyranny that is The Endless Cardigan.

Maybe you can send some help on that!

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