Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With Freedom Comes Paralysis

Ask any friend of mine and they will tell you that it takes me 1.5 seconds when faced with a decision to melt into a puddle of indecisive mess. Whether the question is what I want to eat, or what chore I will do first, I just overthink, and usually spout some of my weirdo thought process outloud to my poor, paid for friends.

This week, The Kid is at his grandmother's house, probably enjoying his happy times.

We are supposed to be enjoying our happy times too. The truth is, we might go out to dinner one time this week, but are looking forward to having a few non obligatory hours to catch up at work and on sleep.

We are excited about not having to make dinner.

We are also unable to plan. Where to go to dinner? What evening should we go? What about that Saturday without the kid?

So many options, but really we will just read on the couch.

I have made one decision on how to use my Kid-free time.

I've decided I'm going to go to the ... East Bay to see Badette who I always talk about visiting but never do, and I haven't met her daughter, and I'm almost done w/that blanket. I feel like it is impt to me and the stars are aligning for me to get this opportunity without a whiney 8 year old that would rather be doing something else.

The thing is, I still need to get back to the city and do those things I always whine about that I can't do, because I'm on kid duty. This includes: Exercising, and decluttering and knitting.

This three day weekend was NO good for knitting -- sooo disappointing.

People tell you that it's when the kid is out of the house you can get so much done, especially in their rooms. Knowing what I know about myself I will be surprised if anything gets done since I have decided to writhe around on the floor in dirty clothes screaming loads of profanity and watching blood, guts and gore on t.v. Okay not really, but it just means I am going to be a lazy beast cow that will be content with a few loads of clean underwear.

I know I should do more, but I can't.

Then again clean underwear is a good thing.

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