Friday, June 3, 2011

Thanks for last night, that was some good knitting

You people are pervs. Like I'd ever post something like that. Everyone knows that if you've been together long enough to get through pre-school, you only hold hands anyhow. ha!

There is a woman out there that has abandoned her blog, probably for that life thing but it was called, "Exercise before knitting". Well, I tried that approach yesterday but with chores. I tidied up a bit, and made sure to get the laundry going before I put ass in chair and start knitting. It's not much but it's a good philosophy AND ... I can knit without guilt.

I should've been finishing up Ale's car blanket, but that meant going to the bedroom and hauling the big blanket project out into the livingroom. Hey, that's 2 skeins of 2 different colors plus the bulk of the blanket. Did I remind you I was a lazy cow? So, I worked on Jodi's sweater ... till my forearm hurt and then I read the prologue of  The Clash of Kings and folded laundry. I picked up the knitting again when we finished watching the Dallas Mavericks barely eek out a win over The Miami Heat in the second game of the NBA championships. Exciting for not really caring.

I kept knitting as we streamed the newest chapter in The Resident Evil series with Milla Jojovich or however you spell it. Love that zombie crap. Is it just me or do Zombies move faster these days, and shouldn't zombie blood be black not red? Hmm, must consult Geo, my Zombie SME.

I seem to knit a long time on that sweater, but I don't think it really grew. There are a lot of stitches though, so I'm not surprised. I feel like I'm making progress just by working so much on it this week.

Naturally when I went to bed I couldn't NOT work on Ale's blanket so I picked up the last set of border stitches and did a few rows. This edge doesn't feel as good for whatever reason, but it looks nice. Slipping stitches on one part of a project makes it SO much easier to pick up stitches later.

When I put the blanket down, I was a little sore (I need to not scrunch up my shoulders so much when I knit) but pleased. I won't have to frantically finish tonight for a sense of completion. I may even be able to sew in the ends the same night. HA! Sorry, I got out of control for a moment.

I can't wait to put this blanket to bed and decide, "what's next?"

Tell me do you think it's crazy to have TWO sweaters on the kneedles at the same time?

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