Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Timing

Your parents fly into town a few days after you've been out of town and out of commission yourself.

Your sister has a birthday party she's throwing and a wedding she's attending the one weekend they are visiting.

Your good friend from your twenties living in Europe is in town for 2 weeks for another one of her friend's baby happenings. The 2 weeks she is here is covered, 1)by your family vacation 2) your family visiting.

Per usual the house is a perpetual mess, but in any spare time, the family would prefer to read or knit.

Very tense, but no time to exercise. (We should be cleaning, but we are reading or knitting, but this week we are entertaining)

You're not feeling very well while this is all happening.

You have PMS.

This is why there is coffee and crunchy snacks and online shopping. I think we need a mini electric hair remover ...

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