Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Road Trip Rebound

I thought coming back two days early from the road would provide us with ample time to relax at home, catch up on laundry and possibly, just possibly some house hold chores.

Well, I think everything but chores was done. And we decided we could ALWAYS relax more. We are a lazy beast family.

I think we were all just happy to be home as much fun as we had.

What kind of fun you ask? Well I'm working on brevity ... so it's back to bullet list!
  • I drove on Highway 5 between SF and Mt. Shasta both ways!
  • We saw Harry Potter 7 Part II and it was great and I was totally checking out all the knitting inspiration mentioned in different knitting blogs! Fair Isle and Shawls stuck out to me most.
  • The boys really enjoyed the movies especially on such a hot day!
  • We learned our son loves breakfast buffets, though he will bottleneck the line at the bacon station and requires some egging on.
  • The Kid got yet another new nickname: GB - Goof Ball. Sigh.
  • We enjoyed the nature and the falls and the stinky bubbling mud and sulphur water of Lassen Volcanic National Park and Trinity State Park and MacArthur Burney Falls more than Yosemite.
  • I went on one of the best hikes of my life on Bumpass Hell Trail with the boys. 50% covered in snow, in mesh trail shoes and a hiking skirt. So cool.
  • I am not eating pizza for possibly 2 months.
  • I'm glad I didn't know about the turtles in Lake Britton until after we left.
  • The water at lake Siskyou is still just as crystal clear and inviting as when I remember it from my teenage years.
  • Got one of the best deep tissue massages at the Mt. Shasta Resort our last night on the road. I was really embarrassed about my feet, but the masseuse had just returned from camping with 4 boys herself and had "camping feet" too. (And yes of course I showered first! Though I was tense that I would have enough time ... )
  • I actually plotted my next Zumba class while I was on the road. so pathetic. The Kid calls me a Zumba Zombie ha!
  • I will ALWAYS be a campfire knitter. Yarn over marshmallows anyday ...
And then there was more fun too, but I think you get it

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