Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Junkfood & Exercise Part II

The Kid is now officially a "wanna-be". We have him in Tennis Camp at a swanky private club. (I chose easy commute and paid the money for something close instead of taking time off of work to get him there and back. I can't say what I'll do next year.)

Tennis camp has a "cafe" where they sell smoothies, and drinks and chips.

Tennis camp also provides lunch, but my son refuses to eat it. They are I quote, "Too Healthy". They had a ham wrap day 1. I packed him a mini ham and smoked fontina sandwich. I told him it was essentially the same thing. He made a face and insisted on packed lunches for the rest of the week ... and extra money for a gatorade tomorrow.

I told myself to get the hell out of the office at lunch today. I said to myself, "You need to walk and get some circulation going. You need to take a few deep breaths of non ventilated air and sneeze a little (my allergies are a hairy dog of a non specific gender right now). You already ate your lunch for breakfast..."

I decided to go to Sports Authority to get the kid a new pair of shorts (With Pockets Mom!) The Kid is not much of a shorts wearer, he is very concerned about protecting his knees which I think is not only a by-product of his cautious personality but also a way to keep him from scratching the excema on them.

I could probably find a new dri-fit shirt for class as well. You know I am absolutely obsessed with dri-fit. The fact that I don't have to have a heavy sweaty shirt clinging to my fat bits is FANTASTIC. It's one less reminder of heft and girth ahem I mean swagger.

I found some good stuff on sale for both The Kid and myself ... and then I picked up some Kona Coffee ice cream on the way back to the office. What? I've got my athletic clothes to wear for something, hmm, that exercise thing, and I didn't take a coffee break so it's all "Even Steven" in my eyes.

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