Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Fartinator 2000

The Manfriend celebrated his birthday last weekend. I asked him what he wanted, because he said, he didn't really want anything all summer, and we got him a Color Nook for Father's Day, I was running dry on ideas.

Well guess what he wanted? "Really, nothing. I'm really happy and I don't need more stuff."

Well he is rather fantastic and better than most of us...

Still I rolled my eyes -- like WAY up there.

"You know what I'd really like? I'd really like a card from The Kid."

So I prep and plot.

The Kid and I discuss making him a present on top of the card. Laying in bed at tuck-in we come up with this idea for something that can take away the smell of farts. Everyone knows that Dads, well, they fart a lot. Sometimes they fart in your room, even when they are being nice, like tucking you in, giving you fresh water or returning a toy from the living room.

The Kid noted I could benefit from it as well since I had to share a room and bed with Dad. He said, "Well you need to be able to move it around so he can take it with him."

Our prototype was a kleenex box with some kind of ace bandage that he could strap to his butt.

After some thinking and chocolate we decided this wouldn't work because he would crush it and ... look pretty lame.

So we thought of a kind of room deodorizer that he could keep close that would have "absorbing powers".

We re-purposed a cylinder bank that was actually three pieces banded together. Each bank represented a different bank. Savings, Share, Spend ... well as you can see that never caught on. So we decided that two of the banks would contain deodorizers and the other would have a back up absorber in case you ran out. We used laundry fabric softener sheets and lots of tissue paper and glitter glue. The back up deodorizer is kept in the third chamber in a ziplock snack bag for "freshness".

The Kid tested it out by hovering over it and letting one go. (How do boys do that? Fart on queue? It is one more amazing, disgusting thing in my life)

I think he got some glitter glue on his butt. The stuff takes a while to dry.

Well Man Friend loved it, and tried it out. The Kid borrows it from time to time. it hasn't made the bedroom rounds, but it is an ottoman center piece.

Things that are great: Man friend got what he wanted. The Kid "invented" something. I unleashed a little craftiness in my little tyrant.

Things that are not so great: I didn't give him a card myself. He asked for hair trimmers the night before his birthday.

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