Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee, Books, Movies and a lot of my ETC

  • Coffee time at work is a little more mundane while Mayor Harrigan is on holiday and totally more inconsistent. I also substituted coffee ice cream from Bombay for a latte the other day (see previous post)
  • I am suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal. I also find myself taking George R. R. Martin's name in vain ... a lot. Anyone know when the first season is coming out on DVD?
  • I think I'm going to have to see The Debt -- with Helen Mirren and lots of other fabulous people. This Jessica Chaitan girl is everywhere as is Sam Worthington, who has a potential to not be as annoying as usual.
  • Also, Ralph Fiennes is making his directorial debut with Coriolanus. Shakespeare set in modern (warfare) times. Hello a Redgrave is in it and Gerard Butler being all Alpha. My concern? I saw the trailer, and I will still see it even though I felt like he was delivering his Shakespeare very ... Voldemort.
  • I finished Neverwhere by Gaiman. Yeah, I liked it.
  • I have just begun Mistborn ... We'll see... it's growing on me.
  • I am itching to read "We need to talk about Kevin". Tilda Swinton is in the movie coming out in December ...
  • I wished for bread instead of crackers today after buying a spicy pork terrine at Fatted Calf. Even though the products don't always wow me -- I cannot go into that store without a)salivating b)dropping $20.
  • I was exhausted yesterday after pretending to be young with my old friend/roommate visiting from Spain. We danced and we talked about how other people were obnoxious when we were REALLY obnoxious. strike that, just me.
  • Man Friend finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and says, "it's chockful of love." I don't think so. But he calls it tweener romance. He makes it sound like Twilight. Embarrassing.
  • I got a new knitting injury. It's holding me back. My right index finger hurts. I wonder if it's from adjusting stitches.
  • My nephew Woody Jr. aka Baby pork bun likes to paint one index finger. Last time I saw him it had gold glitter I asked him if his boogers sparkle when he picks his nose now. HA!
  • I wish there was more time to spend with my yarn. Maybe when this injury improves. heh. Bananas! is already tearing through her Aidez sweater. I can't even finish one. boo!!!!

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