Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leftovers of an Imagination

I dreamt of kittens, of hearing kittens and catching glimpses of fuzzy little things but not really being able to "catch" one.

I think it is a good soft compassionate feeling to carry with me through the day. I think it helped with the optimism.

I decided that I have a new "side" project this fall/winter. Maybe if it actually works, I can come up with something for Baby Trois. However I don't trust my skill so I will have to give it a run-through first.

I told Ms. Pearlcream that I hope to knit Lil' Abi something before she gets older and opinionated. Something I can maybe get her to wear once and get a photo in before pitching a fit. I keep trying to tell myself that little people have little clothing that don't take as much yarn and time ... Alas, I can barely finish anything so I'm not making any promises. I am tormented by garments with sleeves -- which is essentially all garments I want to learn to knit. ha!

I must knit-severe! (persevere?)

Manfriend was chucking things in the trash this week. I saw it. Random marbles he just put in the trash, bits and pieces of each of us littered around the house. I was delighted. But you know what really lit the lights on my Christmas tree? Watching him walk out the door and pass the Boy shoerack in the hallway and mutter, "hmm, that really needs work next. Way too much."

... and so the next day dream begins.

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