Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Post to Little Snoopy

It's like a radio shout out in high school!

All public and stuff. It's like I'm Leo and You're Kate and "I'm King of the World" and the wind is whipping our hair and we're on the Titanic ...

Well the parallel started off nifty, ha!

There I was sitting next to some lady reading, "Merde happens" (this is a real book) on wooden bench at the edge of our balmy bay, watching all the North Bay people flock to their ferries ... and there you were in your cute little outfit and hat glistening a little, scaring away reader stranger lady. I knew then and there, it was going to be a magical ferry building date.

And it was! Knit talk, Moscow Mules and raw oysters and crispy imperial rolls at Slanted Door. Stories that remind me that this family stuff is work.

Dang it's nice to hang out with the cool kids.

Can't wait for our next adventure. And this time I will take a picture before the sun goes down and my "focus" goes off.

You have fired the knitting obsession more. I think I am joining this group:

It's too late for a team (besides I lack that kind of committment to anything besides the family and wine) so I'm going rogue. I'll follow as a Ninja Warrior and see if I understand this war game properly. These geeks are hard core.

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