Friday, September 30, 2011

Nerds already pays off

Trolling the discussion boards for insight on what's gonna happen in Ninja Warrior Knitting land and getting a "feel" for personalities I came upon this link:
That is so great. My 8 yr old son still pours through his old Teen Titan books. He blushes about the StarFire Robin "crush". I can't imagine his face for these grown up ones. It's a shame that I can't introduce him to the newer? more adult? version of the series. Well, we'll always have Tokyo.

Also I hauled buttocks and just need to stretchy bind off the shawl. However I don't really get it so it's languishing on the needles. I think it is for me so I don't really care ha! I will have to get Little Snoopy to demonstrate. This whole, read and follow instructions thing is apparently not working. Do I only reverse YO and knit and pass over once and then knit the next stitch and passover regularly the rest of the time? That can't be right!

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