Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seriously, What's for Dinner

I hate being bored by food. I wish I looked at food simply as sustenance. Perhaps I would be a few sizes healthier. Alas this is not the case.

It doesn't matter if it is going out to eat after a long day at the workplace, or a date night or simple Thai peasant meal that I am recreating from my childhood ... I need a level of anticipation.

I mean I start planning what I'm going to eat for lunch at work when I get in. That may seem lazy and vapid to you, but to me, this is the carrot dangling to get me to the half way point.

The Man Friend and I are pretty good about balancing the responsibility of dinner. We don't get petty about it, "every other day" or "I did it last night!! pout pout!" (which for the record I am EXTREMELY capable and proficient at being -- petty that is)

It's nice when someone in the household has cravings. We can base the week around it, even if it's "Oh you want mussels and oysters! Well Wednesday let's go out!" (We're a bunch of spoiled brats I know)

Or, "Dad can we have some salmon this week?" or "Honey will you pick up my favorite Duck won ton soup hold the noodles in Oakland Chinatown on your way home? Please? I'll wear something 'nice'" OK, skip that last bit of TMI. Like I need to try that hard, come on people, I'm a lazy beast that HE married. sucker.

This week ... I'm lost, I'm floating, I'm struggling to slap meals together. The other night, The Kid went to a friend's house for dinner and when we came home we "made" dinner for ourselves. The Man Friend had sardines with tomato salad and saltines. I had my own variation of tuna fish surprise: Canned Tuna, chopped pickle and onion with sesame oil, mayo and salt and pepper.

I hear you people, "GORE MAY".

The Kid sniffed at some tuna and pickle and then had a bowl of cereal for dessert. ha!

We are so spoiled to feel like "oh we had Ramen yesterday therefore let's not have Yakisoba today". We know very well they are two different types of Japanese noodles and really, one should not compare.

Spoiled + Indecisive = Unsatisfied Hunger

And then I leave you with

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  1. Ha. Your sfgate link reminds me of this: http://www.brandflakesforbreakfast.com/2011/08/display-of-douchebagery.html

    I would totally have Ramen and then Yakisoba if the opportunity arose. Even in the same day. If we lived in Japan, it would just be "eating." Let's move there!