Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is Progress

People Progress is buying enough boxed ice cream sandwiches and bars to make a bunch of hot grumpy people keep working AND smiling. Only being insulted if someone asks if they have to pay you for it. (Geez, who do they hang out with?)

Parental Progress is getting your kid to put his clothes on before he makes his bleary eyed way to the breakfast table without insulting each other.

Work Progress is fixing more issues with your work project than you break.

Personal Progress are those FANTASTIC check marks or strike-throughs on your list, doesn't matter if it's work or domestic. I love completion.

Progress on my optimism is thinking there is a project that would make a great gift AND make you happy working on.

Co-habitation/Love/Happy Hello Kitty Times & all those other long term co-dependent projects progress is Waking up and looking into each others eyes and knowing ... it's best if we don't talk right now, and sticking to it.

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