Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarn Rationalization

Mmmm Desire to buy yarn ... strong.

It is project based. I promise you.

There is nothing in my stash that will suffice. I promise you.

I will wait. I will wait.

My friend (K-Star) is having a baby though. A real life baby who will need stroller blankets and something squishy to relax on when he travels to Argentina with his big sister and big brother and parents. My friend is turning her maternity leave into a family adventure.

She's always been rather brilliant.

But guess what? She can't knit ... yet.

So the plan is a blanket? A nursing shawl? (Thanks for the idea little snoops)! Maybe some kind of cardigan to bypass a case of the "baby bobblehead". Maybe some fun time booties? I admit "watching" The yarn harlot on Babywatch 2011 has been infectious.

(I admit the past few months the babies on t.v. and on MUNI give me goofy face.)

The other part of the plan? To see if I can teach K-Star how to knit before she leaves, so she can take a very portable skill with her. TenTenKnits said it best:
Did you know knitting has been shown to help prevent stress, arthritis, heart attacks and dementia! Not to mention it's the perfect ice breaker for anyone who has to move to a new city, across the country, or around the world?
K-Star is such a go getter, this will surely provide enough evidence of being a productive craft that she'll at least give it a try.

It's not for everyone though. It takes patience and time to see completion. Which is really shocking that I still like to do it ha!

I think I need to finish my shawl/scarf and then I am going to cast on a new project from the stash ... and THEN I will start project "Baby Trois Star" -- which means a nice trip to the yarn store yah?

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