Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Consumer Post: New Shoes

This post is an idea/request from HM. She thinks I should write a bit about my favorite purchases, or items that I'm coveting. I think it's funny how she thinks I have any personal taste whatsoever, but I love her dearly and her heart is so good, who can refuse her anything? Okay to prevent this disclaimer getting any longer, here we go ...

ALDO Brester Shoe

This shoe is really comfy. (Though I should've worn preemptive band aids to get used to them the first few outings -- this may just be my oddly shaped feet. I have a hard time with new shoes of all kinds.) I got them in the nautical navy and white stripes as well. Those have been less agreeable with my feet, but I still love them. I recommend purchasing the terry cloth liners that can be washed and layed flat to dry. They provide extra cushion, and allow for summer sweaty feet to be absorbed without losing a pair of cute shoes to "stinky flats syndrome" before the season even ends. Please note, they are flats, no arch support. They were also a bargain. $30. They aren't even on the shelves, they are hanging on a flip flop rack looking thing. Grab n' Go shoes, ha!

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  1. What' s not to llike???

    Love the look and the simple color