Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Friday Awesome

*I thought I posted this on Friday. I see I was wrong.

It's Friday. That in itself is awesome. It's the Friday before a long weekend ... hello, awesome! So here's a quick list of what's awesome at the moment.

1. La Palma, the Mexicatessin. I kid you not. The Manfriend said on the phone, he was picking up from the Mexicatessin and I thought he was being a smart-ass. But there it was, rice, beans, salsa, warm tortillas (with Mexicatessin on the bag) all affordable to bring home. Thursdays after swim we often hang out with another family and have dinner together. Sometimes our household runs out of ideas. La Palma just made Taco Bar night that much easier.

2. Boden USA, I'm trying to refresh my wardrobe slowly, but be true to my casual t-shirt-esque style. and Boden has really helped me upgrade a bit. I loathe spending money on t-shirts, because I am the stain queen. Hmm, maybe princess, since my mother beats me. NEVER let that woman wear a white shirt to dim sum. never... Anyhow, Boden and Garnet Hill have helped me find things I feel comfortable in at work, at basic social gatherings, with acquaintances and close friends. Most of the items are washable and can be parlayed into a decent outfit for dinner. I have to try and veer away from the younger stuff, and let go of the old stuff.

3. Starbucks reusable plastic cups. So this is old news apparently, but I'm okay being behind the times. This is my "normal". I have one in the cube at work. I have one at home, they often rotate in and out. I often stick my own coffee in there in the morning on the way to school drop off. They have holes at the top, so they aren't leak proof etc. I have a thermos one for that. However, with travel mugs I often have a hard time keeping clean. I drink milk in my coffee and hate the feeling I can't get old cream coffee out of the nooks and crannies of a drinking container. Please do not validate my husband in saying I should just drink it black ;) Anyhow, these are my personal compromise.

4. Spontaneous Knit. Wendy Knits is doing a summer mystery shawl KAL. Ahem Kathy B., I think you should consider this :) Anyhow, I'm notorious for flaking on KALs. So lately, I follow from the sidelines, cheering everyone else on. But then I saw Wendy's AWESOME graphic. Please go visit to admire. And now, I'm throwing another shawl on the June To Do! Wish me luck, as my current shawl is confounding me.

I hope it's an awesome Friday for everyone, and the weekend brings you lots of laughs and relaxation with your favorite people and things. 

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  1. Ha ha ELlen. I didnt know you could Fake a KAL. IM going to try to fake It. I am much too mediocre a knitter to dare join a KAL I'd be bugging the group leader night and day with questions.

    THe weekend was a good one..my first Memorial Day holiday in years off.