Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap: That was quick.

I managed to do a little of nothing on Friday. There was a glass of wine involved with some knitting while watching mysteries on KQED +. Lately I am a fan of "Death in Paradise", not to be confused with a reenactment show called "Murder in Paradise", which is based on real life escandalo ... murders, much sensationalized, but still so tragic. ugh.

Saturday I tried really hard to do some chores between making second and third breakfasts for my son. There was some sweeping, tidying and WC cleaning, but really, just basic stuff which didn't make me feel very productive when we left for soccer.

The Kid's team had their last match of the spring season and it ended in a hard fought draw. 1-1. After that match, we went to another one. Half of the team plays on a travel team as well. It is more competitive than our team/league. We went to support our friends and see them play. That was fun but sooo cold! We were in the warm Mission earlier in the afternoon and then closer to the fog in Daly City at 5pm. The wind was whipping out there! Skinny boy curled up like a pill bug in his track jacket to cover his knobby knees.

When the soccer momming was done, we went home and tidied again, ate some dinner and packed for an early morning flight. The boys were flying out to Arizona to visit the Great Grandparents and my husband's eldest brother's family. Just a quick trip. They left the house shortly after 5 on Sunday morning.

They didn't need a ride, they were going to park the car at the airport. Still, I had to get up and fuss. "Do you have book? some gum? your inhalor? Don't forget to drink lots of water ... etc. etc., here take a bun with you in case you are hungry and everything is closed, or you don't have time..."

I eventually fell back asleep, and then woke up again in time to watch the last matches of the British Premiere League with some coffee.

And then, I ate some leftovers.

And then I went to Zumba.

And for 60 minutes, I wasn't sure if I was going to puke.

After a shower and some ginger ale, I pulled myself together to meet Mrs. B who was coming to help me work on the classroom library project at school. We were unable to finish the room, which sort of disappointed me, but not for the lack of trying, it's just a lot of books! (I can't imagine what it will be like when we get to the younger grades with more books per shelf space)

Mrs. B was kind enough (as always) to drop me at home and as much as I just wanted to "butt on couch." there were things that needed to be chipped away at. So 2 loads of laundry and a fridge shelf cleared and washed, I put my butt on the couch and shh, ate dinner there. I know! on the couch! CRAZY!

No I did not spill anything. But don't rat me out!

Of course, I didn't make it to the grocery store, but that's okay. I wanted to make some fish for the boys tonight, and if I think about it, I prefer not to purchase fish on Sundays. Anyhow, that meant today I had to run to the market after work at 5:30 and shop like a crazy mom, and rush home and cook.

They were home before dinner was on the table. Typical! But they are home and they are happy and fed.

Remember, not a word about eating on the couch, and I'll tell you another secret. As much as I adore them, I really think we all wouldn't have been so rushed if they were gone for another day & night. ;)

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  1. Ha ha spoken like a true mom with lots of reality.

    I dont buy fish on weekends either.....