Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: A sense of completion ... oh ... yeah.

It took me a while to get this out .. I blame blogger mobile app and photos issues ...

I cast-off my Monster Blanket! I can't believe it. By the time, the credits rolled for Game of Thrones episode 6, I was finito. Yay! Naturally I still have a bunch of ends to weave-in, blahbittyblahblahblah. But so what! I've decided I'm going to trim the existing tails and save the actual weave-in for another day, probably when the boys are in Arizona, and I can have a small mound of wool surround me in the living room and/or bedroom and not have to move it, for anyone. Well, at least until I go to bed ;)


Onward! I also accidentally finished Beautiful Ruins. I picked it up on Friday, meaning to read "just another chapter" but realized Saturday at 5pm ... I was going to have to finish it. I was done by 11pm. I didn't mean to. It just happened that way. I thought the story was well written and the author handled going between two different times really well, unlike A Visit From The Goon Squad, which took me a long time to get used to, if I ever did. The author also managed to mesh the supporting characters stories so nicely. I loved the descriptions, the heart break, the letting go. It is a story about What ifs and almosts and love of course. It is about contemporary Hollywood business, the birth of movie star scandals, personal dreams, and stunted ambition.

Friday and Saturday evening with the warm weather we are having the family was attacked by rogue mosquitoes. Possibly one. Possibly one very family blood chubby, rogue mosquito. Friday he feasted on the menfolk. The little one whimpered in his sleep and climbed into bed when his father left for work on Sat. around 6am. This is after an evening of Manfriend jumping up after hearing the buzzing and flipping on the light. Boxers and a flyswatter in flash bright light. By Saturday, I was feeling the effects of this new fangled torture technique. I finished my book. I was exhausted. I was vaguely falling asleep to the t.v. when I heard it  ... buzzing around my head. Then I heard it! Then I was itchy. Then my eye was swollen. Oh and I had to get up at 5 something because my sister was coming for me at 6am because we were doing the Diva 5K.

My sister picks me and my swollen eye up on time. It's a good start, even though I forgot my long sleever, and my mini Purell. Mini Purell's are really important if you happen to use the porta potty.

That's ok, we were just going to walk it. My sister's bum knee is bum. And we don't want to make it worse. The Diva 5K was SO fun.

  1. I did it with my sister, who when I am not bossing her around, is really quite a great gal. We're both totally nutter in different ways. Our parents definitely got the variety pack when they had us. 
  2.  It was easy. This run actually has 2 events, a 5K and a half marathon, it's in a pretty part of Burlingame along the water. It's really a flat course. The 5K was cake. Again we only jogged for a mile and walked the rest, but it was a good time, which makes any exercise you do better!
  3.  Energy. The energy is greatly supportive, festive and female. Teams of women dress in tutus and ribbons and matching running gear. They clap for each other when they are rounding and passing each other. Their menfolk and families gather along the side with signs and carry packs and cameras. (Seriously, who are these dudes, they should hold seminars!) Before you cross the finish line, you pick up a boa and a tiara. When you cross the finish line, you can pick up your medal from shirtless "model" men in fireman pants, and take a picture -- it was backing up the line, and I'm impatient, so this didn't happen, but our mother would've loved a photo. Maybe next year. As you exit the finish area, they offer you bagels, bananas, sparkling wine / gingerale (too early even for me!) Fun times. Only con? The hours when you have to pick up your bib. Friday 4 - 7 (rush hour) or Sat 10 - 6. Saturdays are just hard for me because I don't have a car and co-parent support with the Kid's schedule.
I spent the rest of the Sunday in a rather nice way. I got a pedicure, and then went grocery shopping. The Kid had a friend over for a sleepover (his parents are friends of ours and had Rolling Stones tickets!) so I wanted to make the boys a nice dinner. I managed a beautiful rib-eye that fed the four of us and some nice roasted potatoes, see?

Prep Stage - pre-roast

The Manfriend prepped some beautiful asparagus and spring onion, but alas! He grabbed the wrong tongs to pick up the pie pan out of the oven and WHOOSH! asparagus everywhere, including the cracks of the oven door ... grumble, grumble.
Pre-roast, pre-whoosh!

Cookies were baked for ice cream sandwiches and a Thai Red Curry was started for Monday night supper. Cookies are more photogenic than my curries though ...

    After board games, some evening boy chatter. The Kids were ready to start a new week at school. This week was the 4th grade class camp night at The Presidio!

    hi-ho! Off to school we go!

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    1. The blanket looks great! I loved reading your description of the Diva 5k, especially the shirtless models in fireman pants. How fun!