Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finished in October, posted in November

"October is officially over!" says the CIA's official Zombie hunter. (yeah, didn't know they had those did ya'? - me neither, till Halloween.)

I finished an Autumn in New York because  I wanted to KAL for both Evelyn of ProjectStash and Kepanie of Knitspiring Odyssey, and it's a fabulous excuse to revisit my Tosh dk stash. hehehehe.

I love New York and have a strong desire to visit it in Autumn -- or spring, since I have been in summer twice and winter once. Who am I kidding, I'll take New York whenever I can :)


  1. That is great texture on that beanie. I missed that KAL; forgot all about it. My mind's like seive these days.
    Your son is lookin' sharp! Love him in those shades and that 'do.

  2. Love the hat - thanks for the pattern link!

    Your son is a handsome young man.

  3. lovely hat! we visited in the early spring and it was nice, not too crowded for NYC of course. I'd like to go back again. Cute photo of your son!

  4. Squee ... your Autumn in New York hat is fantastic. Yes, come visit!!!!

  5. I Love love love the hat. Its a gansey sort of ....and I love that patterned look
    SOme day I'll go to New York! I want to see th e 9/11 memorial