Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I took the day off since there was no school. We hung out with Mrs. B and her son and 2 other pals. We went to the movies and had a pasta dinner with their families after. I was thankful for good friends.

I ran/walked a 5k this morning, thankful for my health. It benefited the local food banks, and I am grateful to the people in society that look after the less fortunate of all kinds.

I came back and made sausage rolls as my appetizer contribution for dinner at my parents. Grateful for family and the plenty we shared.

Happy thanksgiving! I am grateful for all your visits and kindness and the good in humanity.


  1. You go on that 5K! Pigs in blankets are always classic and very kid friendly.

  2. Hooray for you and another 5K!!! I love those wiener appetizers!!!
    We went to a nieces for turkey and it was fun; I missed my kids though. They were together in Virginia and I should be thankful for their wanting to be together..but I was jealous of my in laws big extended family that all live near one another..sigh.....
    My kids will be here for Christmas time though

  3. Great job on doing so much on Thanksgiving. I celebrated with my nephew's family (two hours away) and enjoyed the drive and very thankful for good weather and good roads.

  4. Good for you for doing the run. Hope your appetizer was scarfed up.,

  5. happy thanksgiving! We were busy with family and travels and now I'm happy to be back home :)