Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Are you ready to embrace the holidays?

Over at Pumpkin Sunrise there is a nice heart warming post chockful of knitting and holiday sentiment. It got me thinking (and itching to bake and listen to some holiday music).

And then today just as I was thinking:
  • Am I ready for the holidays?
  • What do I need to do?
I read a lovely post on holiday prep and the enjoyment of seasonal limited editions over at cakes, tea, and dreams. 

There are some valuable tips in there. I think the number one thing, is to be reasonable so you can actually enjoy the season.

The Manfriend seems to think I get a little irrational in wanting it to be great for everyone. I think he's just a bah-humbug. I started talking about "things" I wanted to do with my sister and our boys and he said, "Oh yeah, that's right, you like things all Christmassy and Holidayish." You would think we haven't been together just shy of 2 decades huh? rat bast ...

Anyways, I admit his probably laissez-faire mentality does lead to some ... overcompensation, on my part. Truthfully, I do not do him justice, because he has learned to embrace a lot of great pieces:
  • Tree selection and set up (although he probably loves taking it down and chucking it on the sidewalk more.)  
  • We have our movie watching/present wrapping evenings with red wine and chocolate. 
  • Christmas eve dinner with our parents and nephews and niece who sometimes wave around something they seem happy to receive. 
  • Christmas morning (if he didn't enjoy this, I think this is grounds for divorce.) where we put the "yule log" on t.v. and drink steaming cups of coffee and tea and cocoa and eat a sausages and bacon and breads.
Aww shucks!

I want to throw an oversized sweater/sweatshirt on and make a list, buy some wrapping paper and curl some ribbon (the truth is I'm craptastic with ribbon, but you know a girl can dream in craft right?)

I would like to take on some holiday crafts, like these little houses I saw on the Purlbee website. But that's not going to happen. I'll knit some more trees and gnomes/elves though :)

The thing I didn't do last year, that The Kid gently reminded me I didn't do (because of work) and requested for this year is to have an end of term after school get together. I pick him up, no after school care and we walk home with about 6 other friends (which is very interesting in our 2bd apartment), and we play some games, watch a movie,  eat and/or bake something. Parents roll in after work to pick up their *littles and join us in a glass of holiday cheer and a snack or two if they have the time.

It can be a lot of work, if not properly planned and if the kids don't get enough time to burn off some energy

Are you ready for the holidays? What are you looking forward to?

*they aren't so little anymore, maybe the siblings are.


  1. Wow! Nice activities planned. I look forward to no schedule and watching the classics on Hallmark. Xmas Eve will be here but only the 12 of us cyz my mum got rid of her artificial tree and we have one.

    1. If I don't get a chance to see you during the holidays, I will see you directly afterwards lady. We will have some winter laughs :)

  2. You sound busy!!

    I am bookmarking you.

    Thanks for the comment on the husband's birthday.

    1. It's a good busy. I'm bookmarking you too! I love finding everyone's blogs through blogs. My husband laughs at my "blog friends" in a cute way. I tell him about everyone's post. I told him. I have found such goodness out there. I have no shame in that.

  3. My holiday "dreams" have never come to fruition, but I keep trying to make them more realistic.

    I started listening to classic carols about a week ago. I can't stand the "modern" ones. Typically, I watch Christmas movies and read a couple of Christmas books.

    I decided two years ago that gifting was getting way out of hand and told my extended family, "No more gifts." I have too much "stuff" and don't need more. I requested an exchange of hand-written letters. I wrote mine; they didn't - another dream that fizzled.

    1. We tried the no gifts, and people kept gifting. I think we are in a plce where we try to give, hostess gifts, as something to open, but no pressure. chocolates, kitchen towels, whatever.

      I find it hard to place my dreams in others' hands. Which is why I am so control freaky to my husband I think.

      Yes, yes with the Christmas books, movies and music. I can "feel" it then.

  4. First of all I don't think men really get all the time and effort it takes to make a holiday wonderful. I love that you have an afternoon with your Little boy and his friends, that is a lovely tradition.

    1. It's so true. As much as I say, I'm going to do this without being emotionally needy. I always ask him for help. However I think he appreciates it's usually a small piece of the overall.

  5. I am lucky in that I have to have my side of the family done by Thanksgiving. His side by the first week of December. That leaves the two adult children who are so much easier to shop for :) I've quit baking massive amounts and I try to have fun decorating and being in the festive moment.

    1. Fun ... being in the festive moment. I am carrying this with me in my heart pocket for the next few months. Even when I'm scrambling for those last few "things" to buy or do.

  6. I'm not ready at all. Still in denial even though it's snowing outside.