Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Random Chatter and How It All Comes Back to Sock Knitting.

I apologize that 2/3 photos in the last post were a bit out of focus. That was me attempting to focus. I think my eyes have gone farther than I want to admit. I apologize this picture is shadowy, but it was taco time.

My socks are slow going, but I do like socks or at least the process of sock knitting. Unlike other pieces of knitting I really see sock projects as something that "grows". Anyhow, I think as much as I want to make those Hermione's Everyday Socks that are all the rage, I want to do a pair of "vanilla socks" in stockinette. I guess I'll use the same pattern I've been using for my rib stitch one, and just change it to stockinette.

I worry and I fuss, a lot. I make my own personal wars. I often exhaust myself. I create my own tension. It's an embarrassing M.O.S. This applies far beyond knitting.

I worked on my Clapotis Tuesday night till 11:30 watching Moonstruck. I forgot how awesome that movie is. It's like a play. And Cher's hair is stylishly big for the times. Yes, I am old enough to remember those times :)

I went to a yarn store at lunch because I changed my mind about a color palette I had chosen for a project and well, it was near the library, where all I needed to do was renew my card. I went into the shop and completely forgot what I went in there for. I couldn't get past the sock yarn on the first right wall. Mesmerized. I touched and gently pat and pet the yarn until I found some that I thought might make good "man socks" not that I have anyone besides Michael Fassbender in mind. The yarn is self patterning. Should be fun. But wow, way off track.

I walked out and remembered I had put in an order of sock yarn at knit picks less than 2 weeks ago.


On my way back to the office, I remembered I couldn't eat yarn so I stopped at a local taco truck and sat in the sunshine and knit my sock, while I waited for my order. It was a pleasant moment.

When my order was ready a co-worker was going to walk back with me, and he looked around for my knitting and when I told him I stuck it in my purse he said, "wow you stashed that fast and efficiently."

That was another pleasant moment. What can I say, I'm always pleased when knitting gets some recognition.

Today I carried my knitting bag in my purse again to lunch. However I read instead. I was enjoying my book too much, because I overate (it was delicious, but more than enough). I "had to" double-espresso to recover.

Next time, I'll sock knit while I wait for my food and save the reading for a cup of tea or a glass of wine at home ...

*happy birthday little sister


  1. I love that you are knitting socks for Michael Fassbender ... ;-)

  2. I love the way you write :) Yes if only if only we could eat yarn. I do like to have a sock on the needles and right now I have to many other projects calling me to do that.

  3. I love the photo of your socks - the shadow adds interest and dimension.

    Sock knitting is addictive and very satisfying.

  4. I undestand why you became mesmerized by the sock yarn. Only sock yarn has that power as it's all no holds bar with the variety it comes in. Hooray on a cool coworker asking about your knitting. I got asked about my beanie today by the TJ cashier.

  5. Ellen

    WE do make our own personal wars ! SO well put. i love it.
    Somedays you just gotta knit a sock and buy more yarn.
    It just makes the world spin a little less crazy

  6. Unfortunately, we can't eat yarn. It does look so yummy sometimes.