Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year- now I'm going to complain

Happy New Year!

It's a start a beginning it's new! There is a sparkle and shine for us all to grab onto.

Alas I started mine by trying to fix my intermittent internet issues. I thought it was the router. 

My coffee went cold, my router reset was still not allowing my laptop or phones continual web access. Was I stupid? Was there something I was missing?

At 1 pm I had not touched any yarn or baked anything or cleaned. Did I mention my coffee was cold?

I gave up, grouchy. The Manfriend took a turn, bought a new router which did not fix the problem and then proceeded to call the cable company.

Still my internet is intermittent. I cannot visit and post like I want.

We may not be able to schedule an on site cable visit for a week with our work schedules. We are scrambling for child care slightly more fun than going to work with Mom and Dad. But personally I'm not that stressed about it now that he's older.

If I had internet I might be able to work from home... Oh well.

I can handle being internet free. But I get really frustrated when something should work isn't.

Something knitted or at least more cheery soon! I'm just pouting a tad! 

How do you handle technical issues and outages at home? How do you manage your pouting? 

I'm working on the longest rows of stockinette right now. It's a dreary phase of knitting, but I haven't the oomph for something new. I know I'm like a moody grounded teenager!


  1. I can understand your frustration. You pay for something and you expect it to work. We've had similar issue with our cable/internet service.

  2. I cuss a lot and I trouble shoot first on the computer. If that doesn't work then i reset the router to see if that helps.

  3. I am not very patient when it comes to technical issues. My first solution is to unplug everything and go from there one by one.

  4. happy new year to you too! and boo on computers/internet/servers that don't work~ makes me grumpy & pouty too~ hope you find a solution soon



  5. Internet issues-boo! That is so frustrating. Hope your New Year gets better from here. :)

  6. Gah. One of the worst #firstworldproblems is internet crappiness. I loathe it. I usually just complain and cry.

  7. You can pout all you want. When my computer crashed a year ago, I was not hooked up for five days, it was scary but slightly freeing all at the same time.

    Good luck,

  8. I can do it for a day…then I get crazy crabby. I have to go to the library to use their computers or I get all kitty wampus. GOod luck…
    I LOVE miles and miles of garter…..

  9. I do not handle them well. I try my best to troubleshoot, then call cable and waitwaitwait. They usually tell me to do the things I did before calling. The I have set up a service call. I am almost never rude, but if I get POed enough, I talk back to tech support. My mum would be ashamed at my behavior.

    And thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment on the blog. I have really been away from writing there for too long. Do we know each other on Ravelry? I am 19vesperstreet, would you add me as a friend?

  10. I hope your internet gets straightened out. I have difficulty when my regular routine is out of whack (as in no running water for two days.....) So I sympathize. Good luck!!

  11. If we lose power - which isn't often (so months go by between these episodes), my router goes completely bonkers. I think by the fourth time I had figured out how to get it back up in one shot. The first two took forever and me getting so frustrated and doing so many things at once, I forgot what order I did what that worked. So the next few times it was even more frustrating, because I knew I had fixed it before, but just didn't know what it was I did that finally worked, hahahaha!!! This last time I had it figured out quickly ... but if you asked me, I don't know what I do in what order to get it to work, LOL!!