Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Chatter: What are you looking at?

I'm finishing up a shawl project that I thought would be off the needles this weekend, but when I sat down to finish it, I realized I was running out of yarn, I wasn't going to have enough to properly bind off ... so I tinked back a good 400 stitches last night and will finish it up today with a proper post to follow this week.

So as I wrap up one project my pattern slutty eyes start roaming the internet of course. What's up? What are you looking at? Here's where I am (aka all over the place per usual):

I'm not even sure if I want to knit anything from here, but I just needed to point it out:
The Men in Knitwear Calendar Club. (My mother would crack up if I showed her. Hm, perhaps she'd finally master knitting?)

Downton Abbey returns to PBS and our knitting needles with a vengeance. I completely flaked on the Downton Abbey KAL last year. (I'm okay with that, I'm a fickle knitter and must follow my pattern mood ring ... keeps things fresh) However this year it's a shawl. And ... I have some dk in the stash. Perhaps I'll give it a crack again.

However I was planning on knitting this shawl from stash but maybe it will just get bumped down the queue ...

And My Sister's Knitter and Project Stash are always people/groups I seem to be able to complete an item for. It's such a warm fuzzy feeling reading the group postings over there.

In fact I won a free pattern from Mairlynd in Project Stash's charity KAL! I chose Marelle. I love the contrast and color blocking. It is very unique to me. I don't see people wearing things like that out and about. I think they should :)

Looks like those fall socks (2013) may never get done. hehe.

What are you doing? What are you looking at?


  1. I'm looking at Pinterest knit images….Such a time suck. Love it.

  2. Oh uh Im looking at MEre'diths Never Ending Ruffle Shawl next.
    I have the yarn!

  3. I'm looking for an interesting baby hat, using two colors of yarn.

    1. Oh Nancy fun times! I haven't done these, but they catch my eye:
      That fair-isle might be just what I need!

  4. Ooh, Marelle is gorgeous. Can't wait to see you cast that on. The real question for me is what am I NOT looking at??!! ; )

  5. I need to finish up a shawl, scarf and a pair of socks before I look at any new projects :) I could oh so easily cast on just about anything new!

  6. The newest thing I'm lookin' at is lavendar yarn for a birthday beret.

  7. We are new to Downton Abbey. My hubby and I have been watching the older episodes and can hopefully get current this week! I will have to check out the knit a long. Sounds like fun!

  8. I really want to knit some throw blankets for my living room. You're so funny about that calendar. It made me laugh.