Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to finish a 3 day weekend

I will answer the mystery food question from last post. The pink / raw looking thin stuff was actually Serrano ham, the spanish cousin of Italian Proscuitto. It was served with candied halved almonds and some kind of home made pita-ish bread that my son let me have ONE puny slice of.

The oysters were: kumamotos; kusshis and somersets -- though I think it was my Sister who asked about those. Next time Sis, we'll treat you too!

 A trip to Cost plus for some international treats. The Manfriend pointed out those napkins. (I don't know what he's implying?!?)

A quick trip to the discount fabric store for new embroidery scissors.

Alas, they did not have the ones I wanted. Also, the scissor prices were not so discounted. I will have to keep digging and see if I can find my favorite Ginghers. I think the boys take them for their random snip purposes around the house. hmph!

And last but not least an attempt at cinnamon rolls. It was supposed to be "Pull-apart bread". But I morphed it per The Kid's request -- and I needed to practice my day ahead preparation/technique for a future brunch event, anyhow.

I did the initial rise the day before and the second refrigeration over night, which was nice. I felt less harried.

The Kid said, "It could use more cinnamon next time." Duly noted.

Because I have a smallish marble pastry board, I broke out my dough in half to work with. (This is actually Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Roll Recipe in half which means, 1/4 the dough of the whole recipe was worked per log.) This yielded more of a miniature cinnamon roll.

Who doesn't love mini things right? Hello can you say kittens, puppies and kids -- all miniature things that are heck-a-dorable!

Remember parchment paper is a baker's best friend and it's compostable. The PW uses a maple frosting/glaze. She's kind of a maple-a-holic, which I usually can get behind, but sometimes it's all just too sweet. So, I did a third plain, a third in vanilla glaze (a little thin I'll admit it) and then I winged my own version of her maple glaze, electing to remove the maple,  and leave the coffee. So i guess it's technically Blue Bottle coffee glaze. Blue bottle coffee brings out the coffee snob in me. It's a treat, it's my favorite.

Because The Kid and I were going to attempt tennis again on Monday, I slapped the rest of the minis in a cake pan to make a rosette so we weren't there baking all day. PW is fond of this practice. It feels ... messy to me for eating purposes, but it worked. I did a half coffee/half vanilla drizzle for the Tuesday morning school Coffee Clatch (not to be confused with the Koffee Klatch at work).

I'm pleased with this go. I'll do another batch soon for sure ... with more cinnamon of course ;)


  1. They look truly yummy! (As I sit here with an afternoon snack of yogurt! Not as much fun as cinnamon rolls for sure.) LOL

  2. Watched the Australian open again last night. FOr hours. Its hypnotic to us.

    I am impressed with BLUE BOTTLE. Never heard of it. NOt a Midwest thing I guess.

    Your cinnamon rolls are labor intensive ma am! You rock for attempting them. I make that stuff where you just cut apart frozen dough , throw it in a bunt pan, sprinkle it with butter and pudding mix (not instant) butterscotch flavor and you let it rise and bake it the next morning . You look genius……do you know this recipe?

  3. I'm in awe at your cinnamon rolls. They look yummy.

  4. yum! i've never heard of blue bottle coffee, looks interesting. so you made a coffee glaze? that's a great idea! i'm gonna give that a go
    have a great rest of the week!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm so hungry. I can just smell those cinnamon rolls now.

  6. They look delicious. I've never tried these clever rolled up rolls, but they look so impressive I must give them a go. Pens and pencils disappear in this house. I buy packets of them, so that there will be some wherever they are needed. And they ALL vanish. So I am still left trying to write things with a small pale orange colouring pencil.

  7. Love those rolls and wish I could have just one :)

  8. Yummy treats for a winter morning! Put the hot water on for tea: I'll be right over.

  9. They look delish and I bet they tasted that way too.

  10. My husband and I love Serrano ham, those cinnamon rolls, look delicious. Enjoy the rest of your week. Deb x