Friday, January 17, 2014

Somewhere In Between

This week was low on knitting. I've been having late night love sessions with the second sock from the long overdue fall pair. Seriously, the more I knit a sock, the more I love sock knitting.

Sometimes when I'm feeling sorry for myself I go into my stash and touch sock yarn.

I never said I wasn't a weirdo.

I am so excited about socks, my novice sock knitting self has decided to KAL for Mr. Dress Up  (which is a lovely free pattern!) with the Wandering Cat Yarns group. I'm just waiting for my yarn (I really wanted to use Wandering Cat) which should be here VERY soon. And socks I can cast on anytime. Tee hee! Exciting sock times.

The work week is just not really conducive to bigger projects.

There have been some epic parenting battles going on in our home. Lots of discussions on discipline, consistency and consideration. There have been gentle and not so gentle reminders that disappointment is a part of life, and the frustration and even anger one feels is okay. However it's one thing to feel these things, it's another thing to not manage it. Don't be mean, don't take it out on others, don't be self destructive (or kick your wall). As I told my friend Harrigan, that's too close to being "that guy". Or 10 years or so away from being "that a**hole at work".

We are trying do to better with our one son legacy (and myself!) than that... and try and put some good and better in our society. Wish me luck!

Anyhow that whole domestic thing is takin' up a little time and brain power.

A long weekend approaches and I will knit the Great Divide. (My Sister's Knitter and Wee Pleasures have both featured this knit!)

I didn't have enough yarn in my stash for the Downton Abbey KAL shawl so ...  meh. Path of least resistance. So much to knit, you know?

I am still planning on Cecily, but I don't currently have the right yarn quantities for the exact pattern, I'm sure I can modify, but do I want to? Debating makes a patten lose it's luster sometimes.

And remember all that jabberwocky about knitting from the stash first? Yeah, well that photo up there is a little proof that stash knitting might need to be an every other project kind of thing ...

As my mother says in a fabric store, "Self restraint? What's that?"

*but wait till you see the bold bright colors of my Great Divide!


  1. You know how much I love to knit socks - always a pair or two or even three on needles at my house.

  2. ahhh THOSE years. They are tough but they are interesting eh? Just when you think your offspring haven't learned a thing from you or watched the way you behave……a tiny little spot of wonderful shines through and they redeem themselves. Be on the lookout for it…
    I know its coming to a kitchen near you

  3. Believe me... you are not the only knitter who pets their stash... we all do it, whether we admit it or not!

  4. Some lovely colours in there. Good luck with the parenting things. I've got three boys, and already me and the eldest are butting heads a bit. I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better. I hope you have a good weekend, with plenty of knitting time.

  5. sort of wondered when you made that 'knit from the stash' declaration....i'd be good if I squeeze in a stash every 3rd or 4th!!! Don't envy you the parenting thing----but the grandparenting thing is worth going through the parenting thing for!!! (excuse the poor grammar there--you get what I mean, I hope!)

  6. Oh my gosh! I am SO wishing you luck. This week I have seen too many little ones with "intimidated parents" and the kids were just running way too wild. You are on the right path. Nobody wants to be around the a^%-hole at work or "that-guy" on an airplane.

  7. Bright, pretty colors! I'm hee-heeing at the stash enhancement. I like the looks of those dapper man socks. That shawl is cool. Are you planning to infuse some neon as sunny as your spirit? And ooh! What's the Downtown shawl KAL? Can you share a link?

  8. parenting....not for sissy's for sure but the fact that you are concerned about it says a lot~
    awww sock knitting...i have several projects on needles but no socks :(
    i vowed to finish what i've down, three to go!
    hope you have a great weekend ellen!

  9. Parenting is not easy, well rankly either is being a wife. When I am feeling really stressed I go and look at my yarn, touch it, look at pattern books and just get away from my crazy family.
    Hugs to you and here is to a better week,

  10. I get it. The kids certainly push those "I am going to beat you down." buttons.

  11. parenting is never easy but the connection is there with you and your child remember that. My daughter use to throw (yes throw) stuff and sometimes they were big items....I found it was easier to talk to her when the storm passed. Unfortunately she inherited the throwing and tantruming from me....Oh well. I'm on my second sock and boy is it taking for ever!!

  12. I, too, love sock knitting, and probably have 4 pairs on needles right now...but strangely I'm knitting afghans...go figure.