Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Knitting

The combined efforts of the weekend that litter my living room to my husband's dismay...

A close up.

From the left: the great divide, fall sock #2, and common ground.

More busy to come shortly. 

I need coffee.


  1. love the sock colorway!! The yellow stripe is so cheerful :)

  2. I like coffee...and you're knitting is gorgeous. I'm such a huge fan of garter stitch these days! Keep up the lovely work! And keep sharing with us! :)

  3. beautiful WIPs! Love the colors in your Great Divide!

    I try to keep all my WIPs on one corner coffee's overflowing but at least just in one spot lol

  4. That was a good weekend! And a really great sock, love it.

  5. the very simple garter in brown appeals to me most! Great weekend.
    Coffee? mmmmm. What's your favorite

    1. Oh I like a medium roast that isn't too hard on the tummy. I like to live life with a smile, so I am known to put a healthy serving of milk, preferably half and half and a gentle teaspoon of raw sugar.

      Out and about? Huge fan of the "two-pump" vanilla latte. Instead of sugar-free which usually doesn't agree with me, I just ask for less, but enough to taste and enjoy.

      Work afternoons: 3/5 work days I'm known to go out with the boys (Koffee Klatch) for an espresso, which is good for my digestion, and less calories. no sugar, no nothin', just a good froth.

      My husband drinks his coffee black but sugar in his espresso. I can only do this, if it's really good quality coffee or if I'm cranky in the afternoon or desperate.

      When I go midwest/back east I get a dunkin donuts coffee with a child-like glee and frequency. shh. I like instant coffees that have a creamer mixed in, as long as it doesn't taste too "chemically." but for the most part, it's just house drip milk and sugar :)

      I love coffee ... and tea. But coffee is my first love.

  6. i love the bag in the background & the little owl bag is sweet too! looks like some lovely knitting~ i have piles on our coffee table aso, piles of books, patterns, bowl of yarn, everything but coffee....which sounds good right now! suppose to be -15 below tonight....brrrrrrr

  7. Glad he isn't coming to my house, I have a lot more than that out.

  8. Impressive. Now clean it up before he yells.

  9. Looks like creative litter to me! Nice job.

  10. You're juggling well. The sock colorway is catchy!