Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I admit, this is no glamor shot, but it's photographic evidence that I have a cardigan in progress.

It's the Common Ground. Knitting cardigans make me nervous. You know, it is going to fit etc.

And don't you Elizabeth Zimmerman me and ask if I got gauge.

Gauge shmauge. I just want to knit!

Regardless, it's a well written pattern and my first time using Cascade Ecological Wool. My friend the Quiet DA is a huge fan. It yields an unwieldy sized ball /cake of yarn. It feels softer on my hands than I thought it would, and the color is rich and a little heathered. It's bulky weight knit on larger needles (US10 & 9s), so I anticipate it will knit up fairly quickly.

I'm essentially at the very beginning of the body just after the raglan shaping and dividing for sleeves. I have about 17 rows of stockinette before I dive into the lace pattern. Should be interesting.

Hopes and dreams for this thing? That it is finished by March 15. That it's good for a Saturday morning in yoga pants with a hot cup of coffee or tea and a soccer match either The Kid's or on the t.v. I don't need a perfect fit, just a hug.

I'm knitting this over in the My Sister's Knitter group on Ravelry. What's your WIP? Are you knitting along somewheres?


  1. You go, Ellen! I think this will be a success. Great neutral.

  2. Excellent progress. I rarely knit garments: the anxiety that you mention is too great.

  3. It's lovely Ellen. I like that you have a knitting group online. I've looked for one locally and couldn't find one, so maybe online is the way to go. Wishing you speedy knitting.

  4. love love the pattern! and it will fit-at least it looks like it will fit me :) Beautiful shade of gray (grayish brown??) and oh so soft looking.

  5. Very nice start to your cardi! what's MY WIP? Where's the s....I have socks, cowl, shawls, hats, and an afghan or two. Currently obsessing with socks and cowl.

  6. Top down cardi's rock! I won't go all EZ on you. If you can try it on and its working for you…keep on going!

  7. It is going to be amazing, I love it. And yes it will be perfect for yoga pants, your favorite jeans or even a skirt.
    Good luck,

  8. Socks for me.

    I will do a sweater eventually. I have the yarn. Just need to decide whether I want to make one before I finish losing weight.

  9. *lol* love this!
    "And don't you Elizabeth Zimmerman me and ask if I got gauge."
    i bet the gauge is perfect....can't wait to see it on ya!
    happy weekending ellen~


  10. I finally knit something! 16 Cable Hat. Woot!

  11. I cast on a blanket, but decided I didn't like it. Sigh, back to the drawing board. Frog pond.