Monday, August 18, 2014

Creative Blog Hop Post

Kepanie of Knitspiring Odyssey contacted me a few weeks back to see if I were interested in participating in a Blog Hop. She had been contacted by Deb Hickman of a World of Imagination.

(are you getting the hopping bit yet?)

Anyhow here I am with my responses to the questions for the Blog Hop. I decided to take it as a hybrid approach, both of hobby as well as how I finally write a post. I am not sure if this is how it's supposed to work, but that's what I'm sellin'.

It was an interesting personal exercise for me.

1. What am I working on?

Hobby Answer: I am working on finishing some socks. Really all I have on the needles at this very moment is one pair of socks. As I wrote earlier, I have things planned, and prepped. In fact 2 more pairs of socks and 3 baby sweaters. I have them prioritized on an index card that I like to carry in my purse. I used to have a note book but it was too bulky. If you visit fairly regularly, I'm also really working on trying new recipes every month -- just for fun.

Post Writing: I'm trying to be more concise, honest, and a little more organized. I'm finally using more photos (except for today, of course!)

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hobby & Post Writing Answer: Simply, it's me, my perspective, my voice. I don't think I'm doing anything remarkable. I just like to do and share.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Hobby Answer: It's been said multiple times but I truly think for some sanity, calming the thought process. It's achievable mental exercise.

I can't sit still very well, my mind doesn't sit still very well.  Knitting and baking provide me with some ... methodology to find my own order.

Also, a sense of completion. So many things in life are on-going (I don't want to use the word battles ...) work. There are dependencies upon dependencies and sometimes, one can get really wrapped up running from one family member or function to another or one meeting to another. or fixing one problem at work after another. We lose sight of the progress. Knitting makes me feel productive, because I feel like I can do this, I can see the progress, I don't HAVE TO finish something if I don't really want to, ha! With baking or cooking (I prefer baking because it's more specific) it is something to nourish body and hopefully a little soul as well.

Everyone thinks I'm nicer in my household when I bake and knit. I've been told "it's okay, you can go knit if you need to." more than once.

Lastly, this is brutal honesty. I like the attention, the feeling of being heard, the validation. I blame it on being an only child for 8 years, but not only is it nice to have your own corner to play in, but that people might play there with you. They can teach you more things, what things worked for them, what things didn't. There is so much interest in things that we do differently as well as things we do the same. I love the kindness I have found.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Hobby Answer:  Ha! After spending a lot of time, zooming around the Internet, blogs and ravelry, I basically check the stash, check the LYS and then prep it in first a ziplock gallon bag. The Ziplock is kind of like my queue. It's in a holding pattern until I can cast on and then now that I don't have quite so many things on the needles, it gets it's own cloth project bag. I really try to knit something that I feel is manageable, and maybe one thing that is going to challenge me a little. I try to keep it relatively light and fun, because this is not work for me. This is pure joy. Fascinating ... not. But sometimes reality is boring. Baking, I'm a bit out there, I never know what flavor or season or request or what's inspiring me.

Writing: Truth! I often scribble a random thought down and then start drafting on the computer or phone later. I usually end up with something completely different by the time I post, unless I have something specific. I do this, because if I waited to write when I had an idea, this would be an even sorrier place to visit than it is, ha! I use this technique to avoid online rambling too much. I want to be me, but if I can give you an edited version, honestly? You're lucky.Also timing, finding time is everything, non?

That's it folks. That's all I've got. Thank you Kepanie for tagging me. I tagged our very lovely Kathy B for next week Monday and my local pal Denise from My Unoriginal Blog might participate as well.

As always, thanks for your visit.


  1. I totally forgot about this. Thanks for continuing the momentum. You are always honest and your voice is great to read. You and I should make something together some time.

  2. THoughtful, wonderful answers. Thanks for tagging me on this and not the ICE bucket challenge. I personally think that the Ice bucket challenge could be the Ice Water challenge. if challenged I'd use the ice bucket with warm water….it is the bucket challenge after all.
    I LOVE THE KINDNESS I'VE FOUND on knit blogs as well! Your sending me that orange yarn was the best!! such a surprise. It is half knit into a hat for Zach…..
    Im ready for Monday.

  3. Very fun to learn all this about you. I am an honest blogger myself, except I do not put in as many swear words as I would like to.

  4. I'm working on my post right now!