Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday FO: Vanilla Wandering Cat

So one of my favorite experiences knitting socks has been my Mr. Dress-up socks by Wandering Cat. It was my first time doing a slipped stitch heel.

I liked using the US 1.5 knitting needles.

I liked the ribbing and I liked the overall proportion of the knit.

So for this pair of "vanilla" stockinette socks I decided to borrow all the pieces of  Wandering Cat's socks minus the fancy/dressy diamond pattern (which I'm sure I'll return to another time.).

So here we are. A finished pair of Vanilla Wandering Cat socks for Dr. G in Cherry Tree Hill somethin' or other. I got this yarn in Kathy B's fall swap last year. It was when I met the fabulous Nancy of Wyoming Breezes. I'm not sure if this was her contribution, but I can tell you that finishing this knit just reminds me how lovely the circle of knitting happiness is.

It looks to be another busy weekend so I may have to wait until Sunday to sink into my yarn. But I am a plotting...

• Keep on , keepin' on my tropical socks knitting.
• Cast on Little Pumpkins, whoo hoo!
Order/buy yarn for newer baby knits.
• Knit toddler sweater (this one I'm excited because the color I showed you is dreamy and fun and bright like the toddler)
• It will be time to return to both cardigans and shawls.

Yeah if I get half of this done by Thanksgiving I'll impress myself. Still nothing like a good knit dream post FO.


  1. What a great-looking pair of socks! I use the slip-stitch heel all the time: it wears like iron.

  2. Good socks indeed. And you're right, shawl time is coming. I love your header photo, so very cosy. Have a good Sunday, and happy knitting. CJ xx

  3. Those are some great knitting dreams!
    Love your socks. They turned out wonderful.

  4. They patterned in a very interesting way. Love that color combo and congrats on the finish.

    Woo hoo ......Little Pumpkins!

  5. I think your socks are great in Vanilla Plain and Simple!!
    Great finish.

  6. The colorway is groovy. The pattern mimicks cat fur. You knitted splendidly.

  7. What great socks! I love how the yarn sort of patterned itself.

  8. Fun socks. I love the way the colors knit up!