Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hey, I ate that!: Birthday Dining Edition

Yesterday we celebrated the Manfriend's birthday with a lovely early meal out at new place he specifically requested, Monsieur Benjamin. A fun, easy family night. First week of school, so homework was quick and done with just a little bit to fix when we got home.

Here are a few things we tucked into:

Butter lettuce salad, always a crowd-pleaser.


Whipped chicken liver with gaufrettes.  There was a whole cylinder of potatoes but this was easier to photo.

The Kid's hamburger. He exclaimed over how good the pickle was 3 times, as well.

Arctic char almondine.

Potato and artichoke gratin.

Tongue. (I am not really a tongue person, but I found this preparation/presentation very interesting. Almost like a chipped beef on toast, non?)

There were a few other smalls, but I wasn't as photo crazy this time.

The place was very modern and charming. There are many fun things on the menu. We hope to return soon, maybe bringing Auntie Anne with us.
cute custom tableware

paper plane tests on the way home
I spent the past two evenings at 2 hours at a time untangling sock yarn. Can you imagine how many rows of my sock I could have completed by now? Hopefully tonight after the first PTA meeting of the year, I can get an hour of sock knitting in:)


  1. Happy birthday, ManFriend .....looks like the celebration was DELICIOUS!

  2. Happy birthday and yes, untangling does take away knitting time, so does unknitting....which I've done as well. Hopefully you are tangle free and ready!!

  3. Now, that's the way to celebrate a birthday! Happy belated, Manfriend.

  4. (*^&^$$(*() bummer about the tangled yarn. :(

    sounds like the birthday, though, was a delicious success!

  5. Trying to figure out where this restaurant is located! You must have had a grand celebration. Hope you're untangled by now and well on the way toward a sock. It's hard to believe that summer's over.......

  6. IT sounds like a great way to spend the evening, Happy Birthdya to the Manfriend.

  7. What a la hanau. Glad your husband had a lip smacking dinner. I'll have to tell my kahuna. Very cool how there's what I assume a kids menu too?

  8. You eat the MOST interesting things. The presentation is amazing.
    I love these posts of yours. Sorry about the yarn…that FRUSTRATES me