Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey I saw that!

2 days after we returned, we found ourselves both feet, hip deep in the throes of work and urban wild life. Extra time is being put in, our car window was broken ... again. (this is after it wouldn't start when we landed in SFO after midnight.)

Childless, a little blind-sighted and well, hungry we went for evening walk, and had a quick reminder of a more enjoyable side of our city as we passed City Hall lit up in it's glory.

We ended up having a dinner at Plaj (pronounced Play). I tried to take a few snaps, but the lighting was non existant. I leave you with my favorite, Oysters, of course. shaved horseradish with mignonette on Miyagis. The meal was fine for what it was, interesting flavors, a little busy, a lot going on in multiple dishes. I'd return to try some more of the interesting things on their menu.

Knitting and more hobbies (besides eating) are coming, after all, the weekend is upon us! I hope you have a wonderful one.


  1. beautiful building! looks like something you would see in paris~ i love that you consider eating a too!
    happy weekending~ xo

  2. So sorry about your window, really it is so pointless to destruct thing.
    Hugs and happy you are home safe and sound,

  3. so sorry about the destruction. Such a violation. It happened to us while we were in CHURCH once. Seriously. Your City Hall building is lovely

  4. Sorry to read about your car window. Damn idiot who did that. Some ppl can have no class. Love your food pics. You know how to eat.

  5. What a beautiful building. Sorry about your car, I hope all is well now. CJ xx