Friday, April 10, 2015

End of the week

Some end of the week happy: Sherlock from the BBC ... knitting.
The beauty of Fridays are the symbolism they carry for an end and beginning all in one.

Feels tidy. I like feeling tidy.

Katherine from the Comfort Zone usually writes, "Life is good" at the end of her posts, and I really like it. It makes me nod in agreement. It makes me feel grateful. It reminds me even if not everything is up to scratch at the moment, there is so much that is ... good.

This also reminds me, I noticed that a lot of people, including Katherine and Andi and Jesse all knit up socks recently, with contrasting toes and heels. I've never done this before. I think I'll make this a spring goal. Making socks snazzy -- that's my goal, slowly but surely, that's my way.

Hmm, I think it's about time for another give away. it's been a while. I think next week I'll have a little taste of spring ready to offer. Stay tuned!

The weekend approaches and I've been putting together my calendar of people to see, things to do for the month. I told The Kid on the way to school, "I think that I'll make some cinnamon rolls and freeze them so I can take them out and bake as needed either for school or weekends."

I was met with silence. That's not what I wanted. I wanted him to say, "Great idea Mom!" even if he didn't say the preferred, "Yesss! I LOOOOVE your cinnamon rolls!!!!."

"Oh are you 'over' cinnamon rolls right now?"

"Well ..."

"Do you not really like my cinnamon rolls?"

"No, I do ..."

"Should I use more brown sugar next time?"

"... Actually, you know, they aren't cinnamonny enough. More cinnamon would be better. The vanilla frosting was a little overpowering last time."

"Oh! Good to know! What about if we did a batch with coffee icing?" (he likes sweet coffee flavored things, i.e. coffee ice cream, he must be moderated!)

"Oh, that sounds good!"

So technically, the cinnamon rolls are back on the menu with some modifications, but they have been brought down my baking priority list, since the initial reaction to them was so ... underwhelmed.

Since discovering the love of pork pie in London (Darn you Mr. B!!!) I am setting about learning to make them this month or the next (what? there are only so many weekends in a month, and I have a feeling this is going to take me a few tries.) It will require a trip to the butcher's shop for specialty cuts. Oooo.

In the world of knitting I'm working on a cowl project for Mrs. Canada. It's in a beautiful turquoise tonal chunky Madelinetosh. The pattern is doubled and textured, but I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, so this may just be a prototype. I'll have a photo soon of my progress. I'd love to finish this next week. But I must say Madelinetosh in Chunky ... ohh yeah. Like panna cotta happiness. It's a dreamy, creamy, happy place.

I read the first Harry Potter while I was in London to beat jet-lag. It worked. So I have plans for my next 2 pairs of socks. I'm going for the colorway of Godrics Hollow in a Vanilla Latte pattern and I'm going to use some tosh sock for Hermione's everyday socks. Does your reading ever inspire your knitting?

I'm back to finishing "A Murder Is Announced" when I'm too tired to see my stitches, and that continues to be enjoyable. Slow but enjoyable. There was a time when I read quickly ... Maybe I'll have to knit a pair of murderous socks afters!

Something else discovered on my trip, my eye sight is changing. I found myself pulling away the menu quite a bit and yet not being able to read the tiny writing of the map. I was lucky Mrs. B had the map app open on her iPhone. Sigh. Definitely feeling a case of the olds through the eyeballs.  I have optometrist on my to do list ...

As you know with Spring comes ... baseball. Sweet, sweet baseball.  Probably the best sport to knit to. I know Kathy B. is with me! My Giants look a little scrappy this year. We don't quite have the depth on the bench that we had in previous years, but I'll enjoy knitting while they play no matter what.

Yet soccer is not over yet, and though my team (Man City) is basically imploding the end of this Premier League season and will not have any shiny trinkets to show off, we have a chance to whip us some Man United butt in the Manchester Derby this weekend. Fingers crossed -- except when knitting ;)

Oh and The Warriors are headed to the NBA playoffs. This team is my ever eternal underdog. I have a feeling I'm going to be in my room watching them so I can talk to the t.v. as much as I want without irritated looks from The Kid. He can be such a snob! Ugh, did I make that? I blame bad parenting!

Pictures and knitting in the next post I promise --  and remember next week a Spring Giveaway!

~Wishing you all much happiness :)


  1. Mmmmmmmm...cinnamon rolls! Even with extra sweet icing!!! Yowza....sounds delicious!

  2. I was getting looks and comments from the entire family while watching my beloved Cats fall in the NCAA finals. Oh well, they are used to me talking to the TV, other drivers, the dogs, myself.

  3. You are bubbling with information this day my friend. YES to socks with contrasting heels and toes. And damn, cinnamon rolls? Can I come over and watch? I like how your son had his two cents. And yay for Harry Potter anytime!

  4. oh, you are SOOOO right! My Cardinals and I cozy up just about every game and I get so much knitting done. Baseball on TV is the BEST.... :) (We're also having a less than stellar start. Hope this isn't going to continue long!!!)

  5. Cinnamon rolls are great: just let me know which day to drop by for a cup of tea and a roll with or without frosting. 😍

  6. Tidy is the best!
    I am so looking forward to your cooking of the beloved Pork Pie. Your food and cooking always gets a "YAY! Great idea", from me.
    You do need to add a contrasting color for your toes and heels- it makes socks even more fun to knit.

  7. I love Katherine's Life is GOOD ending too! I don't have a signature ending.
    Sock fun certainly lies ahead for you.
    I'm so defensive about my baking, I'd just not make any! Yet there is merit in his comments, and coffee icing sounds DIVINE

  8. Love Sherlock knitting! MMmmm coffee icing on cinnamon rolls sounds divine! You'll have to share photos (maybe a recipe???)

  9. I think cricket is probably a good sport to knit to as well. Next time you come to England, come in the summer and give it a go. A deckchair on the village green, a picnic (including a pork pie), dappled sunlight and maybe a glass of Pimms. The thwack of leather on willow and a smattering of light applause. I think you'd like it. Cinnamon rolls sound delicious, you can put some dough in my freezer if you like. I'm willing Man City on against Man U. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Ellen. CJ xx

  10. Homemade cinnamon rolls? You have the luckiest family on the planet. Mine came out of a can and only on Christmas morning and then only if I could get the can to pop right so they didn't end up all over the floor.

  11. You can't go wrong with homemade cinnamon rolls with too much icing or none at all. Fill the freezer with those babies--that's a great idea Ellen!

    Yes, life is good! I remember Norman Vincent Peale saying that the alternative is truly depressing and that life's problems are a blessing that tells us we are alive.

    Can't wait to see your socks with contrasting heels and toes. They make happy feet.

  12. Wait'll that young man of yours goes off to school, then he'll appreciate all those homemade cinnamon rolls! Did you forget those snazzy ruffled socks you made? Sounds like you're on a roll. Can't wait to see your HP-inspired projects! Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

  13. Personally, I would be thrilled if someone made cinnamon rolls for me! Kids just don't appreciate all the work we do.

    The eyes do start slipped. I didn't have to wear glasses until I was well into adulthood, and I really don't mind.