Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smart girl socks

I had misplaced the cowl pretty much all weekend until Sunday evening when I watched Wolf Hall Episode 3. (Is anybody else watching this? What do you think?) I bound off the cowl, but it still needs to be "finished" with some weaving and blocking. Hopefully,

What I worked on in the meantime was my first sock of  Hermione's Everyday Socks.

I'm beginning to see the pattern. I'll work on these until I get to the heel. I really have a few things I need to get going on.

Andi in the comments from the "hopes and dreams..." knitting post said it best,
I don't know knitting on size 1 needles seems tiring me to me as well, even though there is not much of a difference between 1's and 1.5's. I can still feel the difference. 
Too right, Andi. Too right. And because of this sound assessment I will actually fiddle with the stitch count (notice how I am conveniently not committing to using the "g" word). and see if I can get a desired circumference with 1.5s next time around with the pattern ...

Araignee sums up my everyday day dream
Sock knitting cures what ails you.
And thus, one should always keep a pair of socks on the needles.


  1. This is the first that I've heard of Wolf Hall. It sounds like an interesting series and I've always loved that time period. You are off to a great start on the sock.

  2. Very pretty sock! I love the color and the reminder that I've been meaning to try that pattern. I just finished Jaywalker; have you tried that one? It's really great for self-striping yarn, especially the kind with wide color sequences. Haven't watched Wolfhall although it sounds good. Sadly it's on kind of late...

  3. I should follow that sock advice. I have knitted nil for days. I feel pulled in different directions right now.

  4. Lots of people over here enjoyed Wolf Hall, I rather missed the boat unfortunately. You make a good case for knitting socks, I'd like to try it one day. The problem I have is that I can't wear wool and sock yarn is so often wool. Hope you have a good day Ellen. CJ xx

  5. should I be watching wolf hall??? what do you think? We have some dvred and we have other shows that rank higher in watching. Lovely socks :)

  6. The way those colors are wrapping diagonally up the sock is lovely!

  7. Ellen those socks are gorgeous. Seriously ......gorgeous.
    They would be too beautiful for EVERYDAY socks.
    Let's see that cowl!

  8. I never fuss with the "G" word - life's too short.

    Love the sock beginning!

  9. Yes, I do have sock envy - lol. My husband is watching Wolf Hall and really enjoys it...unfortunately it's on too late for me.

  10. I have another blog friend knitting these, too. Yours are very pretty. I rarely use any needle but the 2.5 which would feel like logs compared to 1's !

  11. I like the sock pattern and love the colors! I admit that I would not knit socks if I had to knit with anything smaller than a size 2. Size 1's drive me crazy. I'll have to look up Wolf Hall.

  12. Sock knitting makes me want to shoot myself, and size 1's!!!! that is just crazy small. Playing with yarn cures what ails me, but not those tiny needles. Your sock looks great! Have a wonderful weekend,

  13. I've not done that pattern, but everyone I know who's done it loved it.
    Great yarn!

  14. Heh! :) You crack me up! You should not be listening to that nutter, Andi.
    I think it is all about knitting many socks till you do what works for you. Sometimes it takes changing stitch count or adding or subtracting stitches in the foot of your sock. There is beauty in the fact that you can modify socks however you like.
    Sock knitting does cure what ails that is a perfect quote.