Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Giveaway Winner!

The Random Number Generator selected Vera as the winner of the Madelinetosh Spring Sock yarn and lotion bar.

An email has been sent, but if any of you know Vera, tell her, you always knew she was a ... WINNER!!

Vera is a contributor to this stitching blog here.

Vera is new to sock knitting and I thought it would be nice if any of you could offer up some good resources for newbie sock knitters, I think it might be interesting and helpful to bunch of us.

A lot of you continue to provide me with great helpful hints. Things like, avoiding ladders with dpns or maybe a magic loop sock knit tutorial video you like? I think I am seriously going to have to try this technique. Jesse recommended the two at a time sock knitting book. It keeps me company at the side of my bed, but I still haven't committed to even the top/cuff down version (I think Jesse is a toe-up knitter.) Maybe my next holiday that involves less running around ...

I liked having a seasonal theme for this giveaway. I like seasonal themes in general, so maybe we'll have to have a summer giveaway as well :)

Tell me, if you were going to add something to your crafting kit and kaboodle, what would it be?

Personally, I have a bunch of wonderful mementos from my trip to London and Paris I'm seriously considering picking up a basic scrapbook. BASIC people, nothing fancy -- just a centralized place to glue things in. I always have room for sock yarn, despite what The Manfriend and The Kid say.

But the truth is I don't need much of anything. (do not tell the family I said that) What I actually need is to organize my things and my life ...ah an ongoing battle ... I mean journey...

Maybe just organize my needles? Kathy B. just mentioned she is using nail polish to distinguish and group her dpns and what not. BRILLIANT. Why have I not done this sooner.

Tomorrow WIP! Show or tell us what ya' got!


  1. My favorite new knitting gadget is a set of needle minders that look like little sheep. You push needle tips into the bottoms and it keeps your needles tightly together while they aren't being used.

    Judy (Stitch Along With Me) showed me hers when she was here and I was lucky enough to find some locally. They are made by Clover.

  2. Ha, that's so funny. Dee beat me to it. I just love the little needle minders she described; they keep your sock needles perfectly. I just got my second pair recently; they are that great!

  3. Needle minders? I need some.....
    I learned how to knit socks from a pamphlet I picked up in a dime store long before the internet was born. It was all about doublepoints. Since then, I've tried all the fads but when I want to knit with abandon, I pick up four needles and a plain vanilla pattern. Sock knitting cures what ails you.

  4. Ah yes, organising, it's never ending isn't it. Good storage is the key I think. Not something I have here though! Love the nail varnish tip, brilliant. CJ xx

  5. Oh yes I understand the organizing part that needs to be done. I need to get better with that although I have been trying the last year or so and it works. I don't have a huge amount of clutter, but I do have a lot of yarn. I am doing great on stash busting so that is making me happy.
    Hugs and congrats to Vera.

  6. hehe it really is the best book to learn magic loop socks!!! and if two a time seems daunting, you could easily just forget the second sock and do one at a time.

    I desperately need to organize my crafting supplies too! I always feel like a knitting basket will straighten me out, but what ends up happening is I store all kinds of odds and ends in it. Currently I'm on my third knitting basket...

  7. Hooary for Vera! Aww thanks for the brilliant....
    My sock support would go like this: Love the yarn you are knitting with and you will finish both socks!

  8. Congrats to Vera! I learned to knit socks forever so and when I learned about magic loop, I never picked double points ever again! My fab is vanilla socks...round and round and away hours the stress!

  9. organizing....and reorganizing.....and then reorganizing again!!! it's a process! I have all my circs in what looks like a worm-binder that actually was intended for knitting needles. At least one thing is sort of organized.

  10. Woo-Hoo - so excited to have won! Thank you Ellen. All of you amaze me with your skills and abilities. I have done some knitting -- a few sweaters when my son was small, scarves, cowls, and now I'm working on a lace (lace!!) shawl. But sox - I've got a problem. I WILL overcome it though.

  11. I keep thinking if I took up weaving I would use up all that yarn quicker! I think I just might bite the bullet and take a class at an upcoming fiber event. Of course it's just a ruse to add another hobby to my already over committed self!