Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming to Conclusions

I have horrible taste in music.

I get the most unfortunate pop songs stuck in my head. I will find myself singing along to the ipod radio in my cubicle, and immediately want to run into the bathroom like it's Jr. High School all over again.
MoRe THAN I died, I felt mortified. Okay I can't recall if that really happened, but I was(am?) melodramatic enough that I am unable to completely deny it either.

I watched a video on the Sunday morning video show and thought, gosh this is long, monotone and kind of boring. Not just the video of these "cool, fun guys" playing music and showing us what good friends they are ... but the song should've ended like 2 minutes earlier. I didn't even make it all the way through the video. The Kid asked what it was (like he cares if it isn't Green Day!). I said "I don't know, it's kind of boring." and then I said, "I kinda liked it though."

WHAT?? with half-cocked dog ears.

Total true confession: I'm that person that they pick the car commercial "pop music" for. However I have NEVER bought a new car. I would not buy a Hyundai b/c the pop music told me to. I promise.

I think I might be the person when the hip hop song comes on with egregious cow belling that The Man Friend would say, "Is that really necessary?" I will say in my head, "What? It helps keep the dance shaking on rhythm, duh!" I think my ManFriend fears egregious shaking. Seriously!! I remember we went to a dance club to gawk (careful with the brown booze kids) and he was watching some really bad "freak dancing" Like the girl was a stripper, and the guy was the pole and the Man Friend looked like he vomited it a little in his mouth. Ha! I wonder if he equates all cowbell music shaking with that now. Is he scarred for life now. Ahh, but that was a fun night! Ha!

I think you get my point. I think I am going to just keep my love for stupid whackadoo pop music that is known to start wars and end divorces on the down-low for now. I know it's not a huge secret, but it doesn't really need to get out there either, just how Low my Low Brow can go.

I do think there is more behind my attraction to pop music. Hmm -- something else to over analyze later, naturally.

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