Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Periodic Periodical Reading

So I think I've blahed on and on about my love of the brief but informative articles within The Week ...

But this weekend when we were at Barnes and Nobles doing the "go to your grandparents house" drop off in Corte Madera I think I found my big girl pants in the Periodical section.

I was excited about getting them home to read (without worrying about neglecting my 8 year old ... again) like The Kid with a Lego Catalog in the mailbox.

I got Vogue Knitting, because suddenly I think I need to knit vests. I blame HM. Then again I like this other Vogue pattern as well ... http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/08-long-cardigan-vest. Bananas do you have this issue? We can discuss more later. For now, I really need to focus my attention on finishing something in progress, after I read my periodical.

I also got The Atlantic which I have been wooed by again. I really like reading the letters to the editors too. Fun times. I really enjoyed the cover article. It was important for me to hold up the mirror in my own contradicting parenting style. (great, I've always wanted a style of my own, and the only thing I can actually muster up is parenting? pah-thetic.) On the other hand, I think that I feel better knowing that other professionals out there agree that, you can't hope that one day your kids will be able to figure things out on their own, if you've never given them the skill set until the end of childhood.

Do I think you need to go all Spartan parenting style on them like I often feel like I want to? No. Balance Ellen, Balance. Yeah I'm crap at that too.

It got me thinking back to basics. I love holding his hand, literally. I love that at 8 he still wants to, he is a sweet boy. Snobby a lot of the time, but sweet a lot of the other times too ... but back to basics. Stop thinking so much. Communicate, but appropriately. Don't think for him.

Basics what is our job? Not necessarily in a hierarchical order:

#1 Keep The Kid Alive. Survival. This is important. I need someone to make sure I get my snacks when I'm an elderly lady. (Hopefully I'll make it to elderlyland)

#2 Teach the Kid to Survive on it's own.

#3 Teach Kid to be a kind compassionate person. Respectful and considerate of others.

#4 Teach the Kid the value of their own voice and happiness.

Not very impressive, I know other people have got more dazzle and determination for their progeny, but this is us.

Ah yes, but moving out of tangent #4569 I got ONE more periodical ... The Economist. Right? Right? I like the stuff in there, but DAMN that crap is D E N S E, like an ACME anvil. Hmm. I feel smarter just looking at it ;)

Right! You know I'm secretly thinking to break-up the Fantasy Fiction problem I might read the new James Bond novel. Mmmm, escapism. Tastes like See's Candies Scotchmallows (preferably in Dark Chocolate ... oh yeah)

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