Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Verbal Butt Pats

So I was talking to Zupan about her softball team. The late summer season just started, and she rallies her troops on a Saturday morning to throw the ball, run the bases and spit a little innocent chatter.

It's still fun to get out there she says. I asked her if they still do the verbal butt pats. You know:

"Good Eye!"

"Good Job!"

"Nice Hustle!"

"Shake it off!"

And so on...

I told her HM said to me at the end of a mtg, "Good Job!". It wasn't quite running off the infield after a double play to close out half an inning, but you know, I'll take it.

I told her I think I need more verbal butt patting.

Zupan said, "No kidding huh? When else in life do we get that? I'd love if after a class that I busted my ass preparing for, a student would come up to me and say, "Nice Lecture!!"

Until then I'll have to try and manage my own neediness -- maybe tape up a "Good Job!" affirmation under my keyboard. ha!


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