Thursday, July 28, 2011

Junkfood & Exercise

The Kid is currently enrolled in Soccer Camp. This is thanks to Coach P. -- who is not just a coach but a family friend and has been kind enough to help facilitate getting our child there, otherwise there would be no opportunity.

(truthfully we are that family that our friends help out with rides and pick ups all the time.)

We were a little worried how The Kid would do. Not the stamina -- the Kid can run. However how does one's loving mother say this politely? He is not a natural and he's not very competitive.

He's fine. He talks a bit about the types of drills and watching soccer videos during digestion time. He sleeps hard, is harder to wake up in the morning and is constantly snacking and eating when he is home.

However he is obsessed with the food perks of soccer camp. They are fed by the USF cafeteria which is also feeding the baseball camp. They feed them college kid food: Chicken Tenders & French Fries, Pizza, Hot Dogs & Mac n' Cheese and everything comes with fruit salad. It's kinda junkie I know, but these boys and girls are running around playing soccer and baseball between 2 - 4 hrs a day and need to eat something. They need to feed towards what the majority will eat I suppose. I wonder how the vegetarians are hanging... Part of me winces, but the other part me figures he gets two meals out of me and more a day to balance that out.

Now ask me if I have.

Hm, those apples look nice on the kitchen table don't they?

The other thing that The Kid loves about soccer camp is their "snack shop". Parents and Guardians hand in a "deposit" and the kids can buy things against their account balance. The kid started off with $10 in the kitty and we've added $5 to it. Apparently he has quite the affinity for Gatorade.

I like the junkfood too. However the weird thing is, I try to take class so I don't have to think as much about how much/what I want to eat, yet after I take class, I don't want anything junky. Exercise days, I want things like won ton soup or Salad.

Did I just write something positive about salad? sigh. Next I'll say I prefer water over wine. HA!

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